"Bleeding wounds need to be treated."

Translation:Luka berdarah perlu diobati.

March 30, 2019

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Harus vs perlu... whats the difference?


Why do you flip betw Harus & Perlu, yet call it wrong??


Shouldn't it be 'Luka yang berdarah'?


That basically translates to 'wound that is bleeding', but doesn't address that 'bleeding wounds need to be treated. So you'd be missing context of the sentence


I meant for the beginning of the sentence, so "Luka yang berdarah perlu diobati"


I put "harus" but it didn't accept it. Is this just as right as "perlu"?


I did the same thing, after I checked the drop down box which had 'harus' as the first option. The drop down boxes in the Indonesian course often have the complete wrong answer as the first choice. In this instance I cannot really see that 'harus' is wrong.


Why not berobat meaning treated?


That's right Gordon hope to meet you once


Help, please We need questions answered: Why not lukanya? Why not harus? Why not Luka(nya) yang berdarah?


Mmm... I think you were hoping for one of our hard-working experts ... but ...
1. Not '-nya' because we are not referring to one specific wound or a wound already mentioned, but wounds in general
2. Not 'berobat' because that would put the verb into the active voice and we need the passive voice to focus on what is being treated (the wound) rather than who is doing the treatment to it (the doctor)
3. I think that the difference between 'harus' and 'perlu' is the strength/grade of the adjective ... there is doubtless a degree of overlap, but to me 'harus' is rather stronger (so 'must' or 'have to') and 'perlu' less strong (eg 'should', 'ought to' or 'need to')
4. As for 'yang', I STILL get quite confused myself as to when it is needed, when it oughtn't be included and when it can be included or left out! In many sentences, I suspect that the latter is the case and in everyday spoken Bahasa either in or out will make little practical difference. I would have thought that in this sentence 'yang' should be included, to focus on the bleeding (ie, it is is only wounds that are specifically bleeding that need to be treated) but in reality it may make no difference. Perhaps one of the experts will put me/us straight ...


Wow! That's plenty expert enough for my needs. You explained it so well! Thank you so much!

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