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"Mereka mencari pembaca berita."

Translation:They are looking for a newsreader.

March 30, 2019



Why not seek a news reader?


I was gonna say that seek is intransitive and can't be used like that, but then I remembered that you can "seek approval", among other things.

It might just be easier to say that it wouldn't be used like that. You'd be more likely to "seek OUT a newsreader" or "seek FOR a newsreader"


Native NZ English speaker here. It is common usage to say that a company is seeking an accountant, or a TV station is seeking a newsreader. 'Seeking out' and 'seeking for' would not be used in this context; they have a shade of meaning of a difficult search, eg seeking out the truth behind a mystery.


You're right - but for some reason "Seeking a newsreader" works for me, but "to seek a newsreader" doesn't really. Or maybe it does. Hrmm, I might just be tired..


Yes! I'm struggling to think when you'd say 'seek a newsreader' rather than 'seeking'. Grammatically correct but not often used. Formal compared with 'look for'.

We spend a lot of time discussing English in this forum, but I like to think it's useful for people who are doing Duolingo Indonesian to improve their English.


As in news reporter? Someone who reads the news on tv?


Seems to be the case to me.


Newsreader is British English, also used in NZ.


Why is the plural incorrect?

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