Is there a way to switch back to the old duolingo theme?

I find the new, cartoony design very distracting and it just hurts my eyes. Is there a way to switch back to older versions?

March 30, 2019


If you use the Web site rather than one of the apps, you can temporarily use the old theme by following FieryCat’s instructions here.

March 30, 2019

Thank you!

March 30, 2019

I use Kiwi Browser. Use the night mode and fix the site on launcher. It will act as an app.

March 31, 2019

Hi all,

I had feedback from Staff about Activity tab in the top blue menubar missing and "Sentences" tab in courses' forums missing.

They said that due to stability issue with the website(*), they decided to temporarily disable those tabs to ensure stability of the whole website. and that they are doing their best to bring them back without compromising site performance.

So we'll (again) just have to be patient. ;)

UPDATE[17/01/2017 21h30UTC]: See Duo's official communication about this issue here. UPDATE[19/01/2017 20h50UTC]: Immersion's disappearance is not due to the same reason(): Duolingo stopped definitely Immersion, see here the official announcement. () up to now, the disappearance of Immersion — for very few users that had it — hasn't been announced to not be a "temporary disappearance made to alleviate servers" UPDATE[20/01/2017 23h30UTC]: Activity tab is back Streams are back. However, events of the last ≈18hours are missing new events on the stream will disappear after a refresh UPDATE[20/01/2017 00h30UTC]: Streams fully back. Waiting now for datas of forums' "Sentences" tab to be put back too. UPDATE[23/01/2017 14h30UTC]: Seems that the "leave a message" button/field on streams isn't working for anyone since 22/01/2017 12h00UTC (noon) "Sentences" tab on courses' forum still not back. UPDATE[23/01/2017 22h20UTC]: "leave a message" button/field on streams is working again UPDATE[23/01/2017 23h23UTC]: "Sentences" tab on courses' forum are back. UPDATE[24/01/2017 01h30UTC]: "Sentences" tab on courses' forum disappeared again. UPDATE[06/03/2017 23h50UTC]: "Sentences" tab on courses' forum are back. (*) Stability issues started on Jan. 10th as you can see here. Note: this link is just here as a reference about when this sequence of "stability issues" started. It is not here as a reference about what has been solved when neither about what was solved but is down again etc. ;) See also this comment where Luis explained 6 days ago that they disabled (for ≈24h) some features in order to alleviate load on their servers: they did the same today.

July 16, 2019
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