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  5. "Verletzt wird niemand."


"Verletzt wird niemand."

April 10, 2013



i'm still a little fuzzy on the the use of 'werden', especially since i've seen some pretty 'unorthodox' constructions/translations here in both it's intransitive and auxiliary verb form. is "nobody will be hurt" really wrong here? perhaps 'gets' is better, and perhaps in certain cases ambiguity is unavoidable... i will get it some day and i will be hurt going about it.


I'd say you can interpret it as "nobody will be hurt". However, since it's the passive voice here I think it's more about something in general, not time specific. For example something like "Judo ist ein Kampfsport, aber verletzt wird niemand" (Judo is a combat sport but nobody gets hurt).


I think a more accurate interpretation of 'werden' is something like 'to become'. Nobody becomes hurt. Nobody ends up hurt. Nobody changes state from non-hurt to hurt. Something along those lines.

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