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My apologies...

It seems this whole reformatting can be blamed on me. The last two times Duo reformatted, it was after my first and second times to fully gild my Spanish tree. And just last week, I was three lessons away from achieving the complete tree for a third time. Duo knew this, so they reformatted everything!! :) So if you are unhappy with the changes and looking for someone to blame, it must be my fault - Duo just doesn't want me to have that gold tree again!!!

(And yes, for those who may not be fully fluent in English yet, my post is total sarcasm.)

March 30, 2019



If you were more dedicated, perhaps you'd earn the owl's respect. High XP levels in multiple languages (including a 25) and a measly 1161 day streak. pfft, no wonder the owl abuses you.


He hasn’t even gotten a 2000 day streak yet! How bad is that?


I must admit my own shame in failing to meet this most basic of goals.


That was subtle ¬_¬!



omg, give him a break :( !!!


It's ok ... I was able to enjoy my GOLD tree for a little while sheds tears .

P.S. Please warn us the next time you are so close to finishing your tree, just saying [ᓀ˵◇˵ᓂ]

(Yes, my comment is also given in a joking manner, I am enjoying the new material)


Great post, I totally get your sense of humor. One of the best post of the week in my opinion.


Really! The nerve! You should know better than to do something so outrageous! Completing the tree for a third time, pah!


I'm scared to see the 4th.


hey, have you tried the red circles yet.... 12 lessons of monotony where you learn nothing new to get it to red. It's along the lines of death by 1000 paper cuts.


So you're the one to blame. I wondered as such.


Hmm, yes. It seems like it's chuff1973, as expected.


Ha ha

Thank you for this irreverent levity, I needed that :)


What a relief Chuff, thanks for owning up to it. I thought it was my fault.

Do join our friendly Italian club that Linda talked about. You and your sense of humor would fit right in.


OH! OH! /pointsandblames!

( Yes, also jesting. Thank you, by the way, I needed that chuckle! )


I knew it wasn't me! And here I am thinking duo was mad at me for still not passing the first checkpoint! ~KD P.S At first when I saw the discussion name I thought someone was actually apologizing for something real and then I read it and laughed so hard. Thx~KD

"You scruffy looking nerf hurter!!" Princess Leia


Who are you calling scruffy-looking?


"Sorry your worshipfulness." - Han solo


Can I blame you for all the bad weather we've been getting in Wisconsin?
Thanks for the laugh. :)


How could you?! You monster!


Great perseverance! My, I hope you get it next time! We could all do with a new update...


Lol I know a lot of native English ppl who can't get sarcasm :P


Me too :D Oh well, keeps us on our toes.


I'm pretty sure Duo has it out for us all. It's not just you. If they call it an "improvement" it will get worse. I've yet to see it go the other way. I used to think they just ignored us. Now I'm positive they are going out of their way to do the opposite of what we want. Maybe the site got too popular too fast and the owner is self destructive and is trying to get rid of us. That's what it seems like.


No need to apologise, stuff happens.

No rhyme nor reason needed.


Good thing I'm immune to your infection then!


I found myself watching peppa pig w/ my little half sisters in danish trying to get a better grasp on the language. The theme song haunts me. Remember while duo is a very helpful platform you must immerse yourself in the language or at least if youre not around native speakers frequently try to read literature in the language and if you want a simple and easy to follow show watch peppa pig.


I can't watch anything like that. Especially if it's on Youtube.



the newest Spanish tree https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30982094/New-Spanish-from-English-A-B-tree-with-159-skills-and-678-lessons-rolled-out-to-new-users is in its A/B phase, isn't it?

Shouldn't your "old" Spanish tree (113 skills, 520 lessons) be stable?

Can't you register an (empty) classroom with a teacher account on schools.duolingo.com for your current user account (it links both automatically) to get the previous Spanish tree back so you can complete it?

Duolingo stores multiple tree versions in the background and once you switch back, you will get ALL your tree progress back!

Actually this will remove ANY A/B trees (like French tree3, 8 or 12), Esperanto 2.0 from English, new Japanese A/B, etc. from your current (this) user account.

I wrote about the concept here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29069435/French-Trees-Explained

But once you remove the created EMPTY classroom you will get back all your A/B trees: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27976263/Can-I-revert-my-account-from-being-a-registered-teacher-All-A-B-trees-converted-back-to-the-old

If I were you, I would try it to get back my golden owl for some days / weeks :-)

Good luck!


It was my fault that the French course was rebuilt too :(


You seriously don't have to apologize for anything!! It's all good!! At least we can learn the language we need to learn! Well, good luck at Spanish! No matter what, I bet you know a lot!


That is hilarious. All your fault!


Hahaha, stuff like this happens in my life all the time. I quit working on my tree for like a month with only 5 lessons left to go because I was certain it would be reformatted. Turns out it didn't affect my tree like I thought it would, and I finally completed it a few days ago. Now to do the reverse tree. :-)


Aww it's not your fault


No problem! Honestly, I like the reformatting. -Seriously, Lrtward, that's not even... Maybe leave him alone and worry about yourself.

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