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Romanian recipes

Anyone have any authentic Romanian recipes they would like to share or any websites where there are some good ones? One of the fun things about language immersion is getting to try new food :-)

March 30, 2019



Predictable, I know, but here's a mamaliga recipe. There are other Romanian and general Eastern European recipes on this site also!



We eat this usually when someone dies, but you can make it anyway :)) http://www.romanianfoodrecipes.com/recipe/sweet-wheat-pudding-coliv%C4%83


    Cool ! I knew I could rely on you :) I was curious if it is a romanian-specific food and I found this with some interesting stories in the Romanian version here.


    Savarin is a Romanian cake pudding like dessert. I couldn't find any websites on how to make it because my computer can't access websites rn. This is one of the desserts from another country I actually tried before and it was really really good!


      You can acces Romanian websites through a VPN :wink: !


      Hmm.. "savarina" is not really a pudding though. I haven't had one since I moved out, but now that you reminded me of it, it's gonna be the first thing I eat when going on vacation to Romania. And because I couldn't leave you drooling, I'll share the recipe with you - https://jamilacuisine.ro/savarine-de-casa-reteta-video/

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      There is an US English website that has several good recipes that my wife uses every so often. What is nice about the website is that it can be read in multiple languages BUT the translations are canned translations so they are not very accurate! It does make an interesting language study though.

      My wife used both the cozonac/walnut-filled stollen and the mititei recipes.

      Bon appetit/poftă bună!



        This is a site of a Moldavian girl I've been using for a few years and I've never failed. It have also a recipe for ”savarina”. Also for ”cozonaci” and ”pască”. Try ”amandina”, ”găluști cu prune”, ”ecler”, ”mucenici moldovenești”.

        Cred că puteți găsi pe acest site orice mâncare românească de care vă mai amintiți, inclusiv bucate din ardeal, care-s tare bune.

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