Duolingo's been hacked! Bot-Test!

What's happening... Kudos to the people that can save this!

March 31, 2019

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We are looking into this issue. Thank you for your patience.

March 31, 2019

The stupid bot itself managed to pile down votes on my original thread so that it's copy would be higher up the list. :-(

March 31, 2019

Every post I have followed in the past few hours is now -10. I hope DL finds a quick way of undoing this, as many legitimate posts have vanished.

Edit: threads go back to -10 even when I up-vote them, so these bots are still active, it seems.

March 31, 2019

Oh same problem :(

April 5, 2019

I was in the middle of a good discussion, when it occured.

March 31, 2019
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