"My parents are lawyers."

Translation:I miei genitori sono degli avvocati.

April 10, 2013

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Why do you need " degli" in this sentence?


It isn't absolutely necessary, but some would say it sounds better.


None of this is answering the question!!


I get the idea that no-one really knows . . . sigh! I would also like to know why degli is required, so if someone comes along who can answer, we are waiting :) :) :)

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Thanks! Guess I have to listen more to native speakers to get the right feeling of the sound :)


Yes, why is "sono degli avvocati" used sometimes. I do not care about being marked right or wrong, it happens. What I do want to know is WHY at times, is "sono degli avvocati" a correct usage. What is the grammar behind that phrase.


Most of the discussion here is a total waste of time. I wish someone would answer the question!!


In case it helps someone else...

I mis-spelled avvocati and duo told me i needed degli. When i spelled it correctly "I miei genitori sono avvocati" was allowed.

I guess the code that decides why you got it wrong isn't perfect :)


Really? I checked my spelling very carefully and I cannot find a mistake. I wrote it as you did and was marked wrong. Its so confusing! I hope someone can come along and clear it up.


Yesssss!!!! Thank you so much! It happened to me, also


Same for me. I thought i got it wrong for not including "degli", but in fact I had spelled avvocati wrong.


I omitted the 'gli' and it was right.. It is hard to know when to use the article when the sentence makes perfect sense without it. Whinge, whinge :)


Many grammar rules are like French instead of Spanish. Here "degli" would be the French equivalent of "des" (mes parents sont des avocats). In Spanish no replacement for "degli", it would be wrong and the right way would be "mis padres son abogados). You can figure out each word as they are pretty similar.


You can also say "mes parents sont avocats" en français. You are correct in pointing out the similarities between french and Italian.


Formica we need you!!! Why do we need degli in this sentence?


"I miei genitori sono avvocati" was accepted by Duolingo on March 2, 2020.


Why do I need the article with "miei genitori"?


As a rule, you always need the article with possessive adjectives in Italian except for family members in singular or some idiomatic phrases: http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare132a.htm http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare124a.htm

  • il mio gatto
  • mia sorella
  • mio padre
  • i miei genitori


Oh, right--it has to be family member, singular. Thank you.


All my family members are singular!


Aaaa it's so sad, hope they will find somebody in life not to be singles anymore.

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    My Italian friend said that you do not really need to use 'degli'.


    I tried to use "fanno" - if you did it that way, would it be "fanno l'avvocati", as there are two of them, or "fanno l'avvocato" in the abstract?


    I'm not sure, but if you pluralize it as "avvocati" you would have to change the l' to gli


    Yes, i used 'fanno gli avvocati ' and was marked correct 17/11/20


    Isn't fanno more correct than sono? I had understood that Italians didn't use 'to be' for this concept of describing the work one does.


    I don't know which is more correct, but

    fare + article + occupation = is a cook

    (or whatever occupation). I used fanno i ... and only lost my heart for the i ... not fanno.) So next time I am going to try 'fanno gli avvocati'.


    I tried "fanno gli avvocati" and was marked wrong. That was because I wrote "miei genitori" instead of "I miei genitori". When i corrected that error, "fanno gli avvovati" was accepted. Sometimes, you have to scrutinize your whole andwer


    Why can't you say gli avvocati instead of degli?


    Because then it would mean the lawyers, in particular. To make a statement that they are lawyers in general, not just paticular ones, either leave out the article gli, or use degli ... mukkapazza indicates just above that some say it sounds better.


    Ok. Thanks for the response. I was afraid not to use an article, because I've been wrong for that, too. I still get confused on when the article is necessary and when it's not. The article wouldn't be i, since the noun starts with a vowel, right?


    Yes, the article would be gli (I edited into my comment above just now).
    So, this chart shows how articles get glommed onto the prepositions e.g. degli = di + gli


    xyphax - THANK YOU for answering the question "Why is degli avvocati used?". I see your post is from 6 years ago. Well, it is still helpful in 2020. Thanks again!!!!!!!!


    I can't understand the difference. A minute ago I had the sentence about mario and luigio are plumbers. I wrote SONO GLI IDRAULICI and that was accepted. here imo is the same structure , but the accepted answers DEGLI or without any article, while GLI as in the previous sentence is wrong. Why??? Please somebody clear it up! Please!!!


    Why i miei. I thought when it was a relative you didn't need the article.


    That rule holds only in the singular.


    'I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati' marked correct.


    Isn't it understood in Italy that people can simply say 'i miei' for 'my parents'? So I was always told.


    Yes but it is also slang. One of the slang words that are most commonly used, but still "genitori" is the correct way.


    Icannot understand why in this sentance the word degli must be


    • I miei genitori sono degli avvocati.
    • I miei genitori sono avvocati

    <pre>• [ My parents are lawyers. ] </pre>

    Whilst I'm glad that these translations are accepted, I'm still curious why "degli" was required in the first place.

    Hopefully I'd be able to get some insights from la mia brava insegnante.

    :) KK
    ottobre 2019


    i miei genitori lavorano come avvocati...can someone explain why this is incorrect?


    I've seen fare, essere, and come seems rare. I tend to avoid it, but I don't think it's really wrong...

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    Because you translated another sentence.


    I would also like an answer to this. This is the exact form used in several other examples in this lesson.


    I would interpret this as your parents work like (or as) lawyers, but are not actual attorneys. Changes the intention and meaning of your parents occupation.


    Why, and only why, is sono degli avvocati used. Please don't misunderstand, I don't mean to be rude. I'm not worried about being marked right or wrong. I would just like to know why I miei genitori sono degli avvocati is used. Why degli avvocati.


    I am interested in the phase "degli avvocati" and would like to understand the usage. Specifically, I would like to understand when and how it should be used.


    If it's "fa" l'avvocato for the single person, then wouldn't it be "fanno" for they, them?


    You are correct! I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati


    I wrote "I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati" and it was accepted.


    Seems "degli" is optional, but if you get anything else in the sentence wrong, Duo will give the right answer including "degli" I left out the I before Miei, but once I put that in, Duo accepted "sono avvocati"


    I want to translate this as 'my parents are some lawyers'? Confused obviously!


    Here is an explanation I got from someone on an app called HiNative when asking about why do you use ‘degli’ (or not) and about using ‘gli’ instead.

    Degli is articulated preposition, in English “of the”. You can say: I miei genitori sono avvocati. (here you are describing them) I miei genitori sono degli avvocati. (you’re still describing them. The preposition degli is used before plural male names starting with a vowel) Sure, you can say I miei genitori sono gli avvocati, but in certain cases for example I miei genitori sono gli unici avvocati della zona. (of a part of the city)


    Is this also a proper translation - "i miei genitori facciamo gli avvocati" ?


    Facciamo would only be appropriate if you were also a lawyer: i miei genitori ed io facciamo gli avvocati.

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    So, "I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati" would also be right?


    I used this construction and Duolingo marked it right. One of the Italian students pointed out that if we use the verb "fare," we need the definite article. I, too, was confused by the use of "degli," until I tried it in Google Translator, which is always an adventure, it worked well, there. I suspect that idiomatically it implies "my parents are of the legal profession." A little more flowery, perhaps, but I will keep working with it. The trick, here, I think, is the use of the verb, "essere." Buona fortuna, tutti!


    "I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati" accepted for me on 24/06/20 :)


    Avvocati sounds like avocado xd


    Think of it as 'advocate'--lawyers advocate for people in judicial situations.


    In Scotland we distinguish between advocate and lawyer. We also use the term solicitor. I can't get used to trousers being called 'pants' which for us are an undergarment.


    does avvocato really need to be plural when you are using "fanno" instead of "sono". they are lawyers vs they do the law.


    What is "avv."? I saw it as an option, no idea what it means...


    It's short for 'avvocato'.


    I did not use degli and was marked correct


    I had the same problem, so then I tried "I miei genitori sono avvocati." It was marked as correct and I've got this reply: "Another correct solution: I miei genitori sono degli avvocati." My conclusion is that "I" was missing and was necessary.


    I translated this sentence with PONS Dictonary. The result is "I miei genitori sono avvocati". But here it is wrong without degli. I don't understand it.


    In case anyone else is being driven nuts by this one, PaulDAmbra pointed out, much further down here, that DL picks up on a mis-spell. I was mis-spelling 'avvocati' without even realising it. Check in case that is happening to you. It stops the 'degli' mystery, which was making me climb the wall in sheer frustration. Thank you Paul!


    Why is "fanno" not an acceptable verb here, but "sonno" is? In the sentence,"My cousin is a lawyer, the correct answer was "Mio cugino fa l' avvocato." Does it have anything to do with the subject being a plural one? Help me to understand, please!


    Fanno is acceptable. Was there a mistake somewhere else in your sentence if it was not correct? I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati.

    My research suggests using the verb fare for professions and essere for stating work a person does, but isn't what that person considers themselves to be; say an artist working at a shoppe.


    Why is "I miei genitori fanno degli avvocati." marked wrong?


    Because you mix the two possible right solutions here: Either it is (1) "I miei genitori sono degli avvocati" or (2) "I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati" To help me distinguish these two I think of the following translations: (1) My parents are of the lawyers(group) (2) My parents make the lawyers(work). So you can understand, that (1) needs the "of the"="degli" and (2) only the (plural) "the"=gli As written above one is also allowed to shorten the first answer to (3) "I miei genitori sono avvocati" !


    I thought the rule was essere + definite article + job SO I miei genitori sono gli avvocati. NO??


    I didn't use degli and it was marked correct, but suggested that an alternate translation would be with degli.


    My answer "i miei genitori fanno l'avvocato" is judged wrong. Is this correct?


    it's wrong. "i miei genitori fanno gli avvocati." is correct.


    Why is this sentence correct (and seemingly preferable according to duolingo) and yet, “I miei nonni sono dei contadini” wrong?


    ",,,dei contadini." is correct too depending on context.


    I tried using the "fare" version because DL said it was the most common, but I got it wrong. The correct solution given was the one using "essere." But I wish there was a way they could have shown me the correct "fare" version.


    the fare version is, "i miei genitori fanno gli avvocati." duo explains this in the tips.


    Why not---I miei genitori fanno avvocati


    "i miei genitori fanno gli avvocati."


    I wrote my parents are avocados and was marked wrong


    You are not vegetarian, I hope?


    Why is "degli" needed? What does it mean?


    I miei genitori sono degli avvocati. In Google Translation it means My parents are lawyers. If you put just "degli avvocati" it means "of lawyers".
    Could it have something to do with professions? The tips with the lesson do not help.


    Why "degli" in this sentence?


    Why degli? The English sentenze does not have an article. I would appreciate if every so often I get an explanation , otherwise how are we supposed to learn,


    Why is it "degli" in this case, but "come" in front of other occupations?


    Me too .did not use degli and lost a heart! I put i mieli, no degli, and ...wrong.


    How would be "Advocate" in Italian?!

    In my language we have a difference between Lawyer (in general, anybody qualified in Jurisprudence ) - and the Board of Advocates for Advocates in particular


    If its acceptable in speaking it should be ok


    "i miei genitori fanno gli avvocati" is also accepted, which avoids the need to use "degli"


    Di+gli=degli (plural)


    Why do we need to add degli?


    I agree, why is "degli" necessary. I don't understand how exactly it sounds better and would like to because if it truly makes sense to use it then I need to understand why.


    People who have got this wrong, check your spelling. It's really strict in this course and it doesn't highlight the mistake. I wrote avocatti and it was marked wrong without any indication as to why, it was only when I checked my spelling against Google translate that I found my mistake


    Also why sometimes use fare and sometimes sono


    I put "I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati" which is accepted as well.


    I got this wrong first and i thought it was because i didn't use degli but it turns out it was because i said "miei" instead of "i miei" if that helps anyone


    Degli whyyyy?


    I put "I miei genitori fanno gli avvocati." and was marked correct. In this sense my parents have their law degrees but might not actually be working as lawyers. When using "fare" must put in the article, in this case "gli"


    Is parenti a word for parents? If so, what's the difference with genitori?

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