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  5. "Sprachst du mit deiner Frau?"

"Sprachst du mit deiner Frau?"

Translation:Did you talk with your wife?

May 27, 2014



How common is such a use of Preteritum? It sounds to me that Hast du mit deiner Frau gesprochen? would be more common. Is it?


My German professor told us that generally you only use the Präteritum with ¨sein¨, ¨haben¨, and modal verbs. Other than that, people pretty much just use the Perfekt. It´s worth noting as well that the Präteritum is also a literary tense, much like the passé simple in French; you should know how to recognize it for all verbs, but you pretty much only need to know how to form the verbs I listed above.


The professor's guideline is correct but does not answer cadilhac's question. Sprechen is not haben, sein, or modal. The question was: Shouldn't Perfekt rather than Präteritum have been used for sprechen? The answer is: Yes.


"If" duolingo was presenting this as a "text" from a book or a written letter, would it be okay? If that is the case, then another "study tab" should be labeled "written" so we know it's part of written speech.


Yes, "Hast du mit deiner Frau gesprochen" ist usually used. It is really more common.


why was 'you spoke with your wife? marked wrong, it is normal English usage and is the past imperfect.


This is an ask! So, an auxiliary verb is necessary.


It's technically incorrect albeit of common use.


it's still not accepted on aug 5th 2015. a lot of the unaccepted answers I can kind of understand, but not accepting this one is just plain wrong.


I wrote "You talked with your wife?" did i miss something or does this sound correct only in my head?


With the proper inflection (pitch pattern) a native speaker would accept this. Because you had a question mark, DL should have accepted it as well, but I don't think DL pays much attention to punctuation. Anyway, you should report this as an acceptable answer.


Sprachst is the Präteritum?


The word 'your' is missing in the options. I can't make a correct answer and continue the exercise.


Is there a difference between "du sprachst" when in the present and in the preterite?


In the present it would be "du sprichst"


Speak and talk mean the same thing!


speak and talk mean the same thing so why was it wrong?


I wrote: Did you speak with your wife? - and my answer was right.


Asked in this forum 2 years ago: 'speak' and 'talk' mean the same thing, but no answer was given. So my question therefore, why is "Do you speak with your wife"? marked wrong?


because it should be DID you speak with your wife...


Thanks for English class


I put do you speak with your wife and I got it wrong


Unfortunately it's the wrong tense: Take did (past tense) instead of do.


I thought it was "Are you speaking with your wife"


I think talk to sound more natural in englih than talk with.


Is "Did you talked with your wife?" wrong ?


Yes, it's wrong because you don't say "Did you talked?" in English. If "do" is used as an auxiliary verb, the main verb is in the infinitive ("basic form").

You talked. -> Did you talk?

I played. -> Did I play?

He went. -> Did he go?

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