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"O trimestre termina em dezembro."

Translation:The trimester ends in December.

April 10, 2013



Do people use the word "trimestre" in Portuguese more than we use "trimester" in English? In English I only hear it used in reference to pregnancy.


We use trimestre for anything that lasts 3 months.


couldn't it be semester in that case?


So it says that one of the translations is quarter, and one is trimester. This doesn't make sense - a trimester is a third, and a quarter is a fourth. Am I missing something here?


Well, a trimester is a 3 month long period, which is exactly one fourth of a year, that is, a quarter. So both translations are actually right :)


My life is a lie. I always thought trimester meant "Third of the year". And semester probably doesn't mean half-year either, but 6 months (which ends up meaning the same, but is kinda important nonetheless). Have a lingot for opening my eyes


Tri mes tre Tri is three Mes is month


Obviously 'term' can be accepted as well as quarter. Besides the website has accepted the word 'term' in all the previous exercises so why doesn't it accepts in this example. Something seems to be wrong....


I disagree, I've never seen "trimestre" translated as "term". "Trimestre" is always a group of three months, so trimester and quarter should be right, but "term" is not...


The only translation that should be accepted is "trimester". Term is not a synonym of trimester, even though a trimester is a 3-month term, and a trimester may be a quarter, if referred to a year, in which case it wasn't in this sentence.


Well, since both in Portuguese and in English, the word is used more often in academic ways, it ends up that "term" quite suits the translations, although literally, a term would be a "período" or a "prazo", depending on the usage.


Why not "terminates"?

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