A simple guide for Informal questions

So so so , i'm back again with another simple lesson that i hope people will like
This time i'll tell you how to make IN-formal questions in Japanese
Cuz we're tired of being formal and now it's time to be with friends ;)

So , first , lemme remind you of asking formal questions , you add か or ですか to make the formal question
But in IN-formal questions , we'll use の , yes it's pretty simple
Let's try it

Question 1, What is this?
Formal : これは何ですか? (kore wa nan des ka)
Informal : これは何の? (kore wa nani no)

Question 2, What is your name?
Formal : お名前は何ですか? (o-namae wa nan des ka)
Informal : 名前は何の? (namae wa nani no)

Question 3 , Where is the restroom?
Formal : トイレはどこですか ?
Informal : トイレはどこの?

Question 4, When is your birthday?
Formal : 誕生日はいつですか? (tanjoubi wa itsu desu ka)
Informal : 誕生日はいつの? (tanjoubi wa itsu no)

Now let's go for more advanced questions

Question 5 , when do you go?
Formal : いつ行きますか? (istu ikimas ka)
Informal : いつ行くの? (itsu iku no)

You dont need the polite form of the verb to make an informal question !

Question 6 , Do you want to eat ?
Formal : 食べたいですか? (tabetai des ka)
Informal : 食べたいの? (tabetai no)

Question 7, How much is this?
Formal : これはいくらですか❓
Informal : これはいくらの?

Question 8 , Why are you cute?
Informal : なんであなたは可愛いの? (nande anata wa kawaii no)

Question 9, what will you buy ?
Formal: 何を買いますか (nani wo kaimas ka)
Informal : 何を買うの? (nani wo kau no)

Question 10 , What do you wear ?
Formal : 何を着ますか? (nani wo kimas ka)
Informal : 何を着るの? (nani wo kiru no)

And go on for the rest of the questions
Don't forget that you don't need the polite form -ます to make an in-formal question
Just don't use this with your boss at work or with your teacher , Only use it with people who you are very close to , like friends , and your wife/husband

Good luck all !!!
がんばろう !!

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March 31, 2019


ブックマーク済み, ありがとうございました!!

March 31, 2019


March 31, 2019


April 1, 2019

Thank you this helps a lot. :D

April 1, 2019

ブックマーク済み, ありがとうございました!!

April 1, 2019

There are some mistakes. これは何の?、名前は何の?、トイレはどこの? 誕生日はいつの?、これはいくらの? You do not need to attach の.

April 2, 2019
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