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Het or De?

Hello! I have recently started dutch, and really enjoy it! things are coming fairly easily, but I am having a hard time telling what words have Het or De as "the". Does anyone have any tricks or advice?

March 31, 2019


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Unfortunately, there are barely any rules whether a noun is a de or a het woord. You'll have to learn by heart.

These two rules always apply:

  • All singular diminutive nouns are het woorden
  • All plural nouns are de woorden

See here for more information: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3732938

March 31, 2019


i've been speaking dutch for 40years and i still don't know when to use one or the other

good news is: a lot of dutch people don't know either and you'll never be picked up on it

one tip: if you add 'je' or 'tje' to a word it automatically becomes a 'het' word

de tafel or het groot tafeltje...or is that grote tafeltje..? once again, no one will call you out

April 10, 2019


should be 'het grote tafeltje'.

April 20, 2019
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