"Aia ʻumi ʻīlio ʻeleʻele i ka pā pāʻani."

Translation:There are ten black dogs on the playground.

March 31, 2019

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(possible question) ʻEhia ʻīlio ʻeleʻele i ka pā pāʻani? = How many black dogs are on the playground?

Aia ʻumi ʻīlio ʻeleʻele i ka pā pāʻani. = There are ten black dogs on the playground.


Is there a difference between "on the playground" and "at the playground"?


I think "i" represents both of them and you just have to figure it out from context.


Why when we're talking about dogs we use "i" or on the playground but when we are talking about girls we use "ma?" My understanding is that they both mean on at or in.


What is the word order for ten black dogs? Is the number first or the adjective?


Can someone explain why I keep getting this wrong? I continuously put there is instead of there are, and I don't understand why I'm getting it wrong. Can Aia only mean there are? Mahalo for any help.

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