"I have a little bit of sugar."

Translation:Saya punya sedikit gula.

April 1, 2019

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What is the difference between 'Saya punya sedikit gula' and 'Saya punya gula sedikit'?


(1) sedikit gula means: we describe the quantity (amount) of 'gula' while (2) gula sedikit means: we want to define the 'gula' that has the characteristic of "sedikit". But, "gula sedikit" is not formal (the formal way is "gula yang sedikit").

Please also read the explanation here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31285942

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Isn't "gula saya sedikit" also correct?


This sentence might translates as "I have a little bit of sugar", because we don't really say "my sugar is a little" in English, but it's not the literal translation. "Saya punya sedikit gula" (literally: I have a little bit of sugar) and "gula saya sedikit" (literally: my sugar is a little) are not exactly the same sentence. (I don't really know how to explain this, but I hope this example helps to give you an idea of their difference) Saying "Gula saya sedikit" is like, when someone asked "why is your drink slightly sweeter than mine?" and you say "I have a little bit of sugar". Meanwhile "Saya punya sedikit gula" is like when someone says "Oh, my drink is too bitter!" and because you have sugar so you want to offer it to them by saying "I have a little bit of sugar". In English, to say both expressions above we kinda use similar sentences, that's why to express "gula saya sedikit" we also say "I have a little bit of sugar", because the literal English translation is kinda weird to say. But to translate "I have a little bit of sugar" in Indonesian, I think they ask for the literal translation because it can mean different context when you translate it the other way. Hope it makes sense, lol.


Is it really wrong to say "saya punya gula sedikit"?


Can't we say "saya punya sedikit gula"?


Is sedikit used as a noun or as an adverb? If used as a noun, it would mean like "I have a bit of sugar". If used like an adverb, sedikit would describe the extent of "punya" I have little...


Will someone please answer the above question?


Says punya sedikit gula

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