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Saving a translation for later?

I sometimes start a text, and then decide to let it fallow for a while, so I can come back to it when I am a bit more comfortable. I've noticed this is not always possible. Is there any "Track record" for translations? Like "You are halfway through..."

July 16, 2012



If you go to the Translations tab and click on the blue number that says "x sentences translated" it will give you a list of the articles translated and the number of sentences translated for each from latest to earliest. If I spy an article I'm interested in but can't translate right at the times, sometimes I'll just translate the title so it shows up on this list and I can go back to it.


As far as I know every completely translated phrase is kept. If you are halfway through a phrase it gets lost when you leave the document. You have to keep track yourself. I'll tell you in a moment how to do it, first I check it. After sending this I saw somebody already explained.

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