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Introducing Duolingo Push!

The moment you've all been waiting for...

Introducing Duolingo Push! We're taking notifications out of your phone and into the real world. Yup: Duo the Owl will literally show up to remind you to practice so you never miss a lesson.

Learn more about Duolingo Push here

Tweet is here

Let's learn for real.

Posted April 1, 2019 ;)

Update Apr. 2, 2019

Thanks for the laughs, everyone! Duo might not have the bandwidth to come visit you in person to remind you to practice your language (yet), but you can always adjust your reminders here and equip your streak freeze here, so you can stay on top of your game and keep that streak going. Oh, and while we're on the subject of April Fool's announcements... Finnish, man. That's no joke. :)

April 1, 2019



Who thinks this might, just might, be an april fools joke... I kinda hope it is or I might be really embarrassed some time...

Later - It was! Now was I the first one to figure that out (and post) or what!


It is an april fools joke... don't worry.


What makes you think that? It's just another money-making scheme - making you pay for the personal Duo touch!


It is an April fools joke, idiot. (Don’t take offense from that statement, it is just a joke).


take 5 lingots





Agreed but it would be really creepy if it were real


Maybe learn a bit of Spanish while guarding the back door


take five lingots that was really funny


Duo came to my house last Wednesday. Jumped straight out of my bedroom window, and a second Duolingo owl slammed my door open, knocking it down. I was forced to go on Duolingo for 6 hours since I accidentally lost my streak. Was I allowed taking a break? Of course not. Both Duos just stared at me, sitting there with a big smirk on their faces. After 6 hours, I was finally allowed to be free from the dark closet of my bedroom. After this, I needed a security camera. If this happened again, oh, it would of gotton worse! (I Hope you enjoyed my story... I suggest not using this feature, unless you want 2 Duos bursting through your room.. Or anywhere! I thought he was going to follow me forever, and never leave!)

(This was a fun joke to write. XD) Weird, but eh. Happy April Fools Day! Please don't take this seriously. :)


There have been times in the past when I heard a living owl hoot at night when I was on Duolingo. This is not an April fool's joke. An owl is living in a tree right behind my house.


Lol... (but the update is...)


The duolingo push creepypasta

[deactivated user]

    [deactivated user]

      i loved that. For some reason the begining reminded me of "a potato flew around my room"


      you remind me of some one in my class who loves potatoes and sings that song


      Spanish or vanish


      that actually happened


      A lingot in exchange for happiness.


      You better get on Duolingo, if not it will be a "fowl" experience. (Sorry for the bad joke I couldn't resist.)


      Or maybe when push comes to shove!


      Howling with laughter!

      [deactivated user]

        you mean HOOTING with laughter? eh, eh? I'm sorry.


        learn Spanish or P̧͇̲͓̪̟̩̆͒͒ͫ̀Ȩ̶̠̤͙͖̣̩̤̦̑ͨ̄ͤͫ̇ͨ̿͟R̴̥͕̩͙̫͑̕Ǐ̛̫̹̗̖̟̭̘̦͌͌̍ͫ̀̚͡S̶̜̫̹̭̺̦̜͆ͤḪ̹̲̯͔̩̘͛̚


        Is Perish some kind of new language in the incubator?


        Sounds like a great new conlang :D


        Hmm.. not sure I want to learn another language quite yet... XD


        You know what happens now!


        Lmao that is golden!


        Wow! You have a lot of XP! And I thought Dixi was hard to beat


        I was just wondering if you were a christian... from the thumbnail picture? (Not that I think being a christian is a bad thing.)

        [deactivated user]

          wait intruder alert? I hope ur safe


          It's a Burrowing Owl! Probably the closest to the Duo Owl...


          How can you tell?


          I am a bird-watcher!


          Awwww Love it, have a Lingot! :D


          Guys, it really works! It happened to me yesterday, I was completely neglecting my streak when suddenly Duo showed up and confiscated the book I was reading until I met my daily XP goal. (I must have got passive aggressive Duo) I am so relieved to know Duo is watching out for the community to make sure nobody loses their streak. I think it is definitely worth the money and cannot recommend this more.


          It works great, but I found Duo a bit too intrusive. If he would not show up anywhere you are or just keep his distance and maybe just flap his wings or throw some pebbels at you to get your attention... No, he sneaks right up on you.

          But I found the solution. I started wearing a Duo suit myself. So when the real Duo sees me, he assumes that I have already taken care of the forgetful learner and just moves on. Since you can never be too sure at exactly what moment he'll show up, I have to wear it every evening as the deadline comes closer. It's OK right now, but I'm not sure what I will during the hot summer months.


          wouldn't it just be easier to do your daily quota? :3 lololol


          Did they try the product on you before releasing it? If it’s true, it seems very effective.


          My dog was barking before and I wasn't sure why. He wouldn't stop after a few minutes, which was very strange (he normally stops after 5 or so barks). I decided to go and check, and what do you know? Duo was there! He made me finish my Swedish lesson this morning. He really gave me a fright, especially since I hadn't heard about this until now! At least now I wont be losing my streak, but I hope my dog gets used to him at some point. I don't think the neighbours will appreciate his barking.


          Teach your dog Swedish!


          Good idea actually, but then again I might get two Duos at my house if he forgets about his streak...


          Hmm... good point.... at that point you would definitely need a security system.


          Even Speedwagon is afraid



          I withdraw coolly


          I saw memes about this, I think I am going to get tech security for now on....

          Can't wait for the upgrade when he gets a ski mask and a chainsaw!

          [deactivated user]

            that one got me


            I don't think he would. I am just a casual 9-year-old, you know? (because of that and so I do not buy Duolingo Push)


            I think I legitimately need this tbh lol....


            I was watching some YouTube videos while eating a snack when Duo flew into my house through the window. Helped me mantain my German and Japanese streaks. Truly a life changing experience, recommended.


            Very funny duo!! A giant owl is totally not going to stalk me.... wait, what is that green thing out the window?....~KD

            "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -Franklin D. Roosevelt


            So...Duo showing up at your house is really just the manifestation of your fear and imagination...Kinda creepy.


            Oh man. Totally not creepy XD


            Duo came to my house this morning and made me practice!!! Very helpful.


            here have some lingots


            Hi everyone! The post has been updated! :)


            Awesome, now people don't need to be worried about losing their streak, it really pushes the person/people to doing what is best for yourself/their selves


            You said "Losing their STEAK"... Woops!


            Introducing Duolingo Culinary Push: Duo will personally show up where you are to remind you you're about to lose your steak and veggies.


            I had that for dinner yesterday. I lost them. Lol.


            That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight, Losing My Streak.


            nice reference, Michael xD Lingot for you.


            Why thank you Jess!!


            I thought it said plushy.


            Me too. I was so disappointed. I would love to buy a plush Duo or a Duo cookie cutter or something. Oh, well.


            Duo cookie cutter?


            How can Duo be in so many places at once?


            Duo showing up at your house is really just the manifestation of your fear and imagination.


            They give spammers a choice: Either be banned from Duolingo for life or work as Duo for a week. With that many spammers in the forum, there will never be a shortage of Duos.


            That would actually help a little.


            I bet this is an april fools joke...


            Don't spoil it.


            It's confusing. Duo Push is confusing.


            The website push.duolingo.com and the official Duolingo tweet about push.duolingo.com neglected to mention that

            youtube: "Introducting Duolingo Push" has closed captions in:

            • Arabic
            • Chinese Simpflied
            • English
            • French
            • Portugese
            • Spanish

            It's time to practice the subjunctive in Spanish.

            para recordarles que practiquen, practiquen, practiquen,

            Aquí en Duolingo sabemos que para aprender un idioma lo mejor es practicar todos los días.

            Es por eso que Duolingo envía notificaciones útiles a los usuarios

            para recordarles que practiquen, practiquen, practiquen, pero, para algunos usuarios,

            hemos descubierto que eso no es lo suficientemente efectivo.

            Es por eso que estamos emocionados de lanzar

            una nueva función premium: Duolingo Push

            Ya que puedes usar Duolingo donde sea que estés,

            ahora con Duolingo Push puedes recibir recordatorios en cualquier lugar.

            Si estás en el gimnasio,

            en el trabajo,

            o de salida con tus amigos.

            ¡Así es!

            Duo mismo se te aparecerá en cualquier momento

            cuando crea que vas a perder tu racha

            para darte un recordatorio sutil.

            ¡Es el trato preferencial de Duolingo que siempre deseaste!

            Un recordatorio en la vida real que no puedes ignorar.

            Puedes elegir el tipo de recordatorio que se adapte más a ti.

            Duo alentador

            Duo decepcionado

            Duo pasivo-agresivo

            Regístrate hoy para una prueba gratuita de Duolingo Push

            y nunca más volverás a perder un día de práctica.

            Ahora no, Duo.


            ¡Ya estoy jugando!



            I think this is a cool concept. Hopefully it works smoothly.


            LOL THIS IS SCARY. don't want somebody literally showing up at my house just to remind me to practice. I try to get on, but I'm continually getting distracted.


            Im talon you, you better do it or Robin Hoot might come to your door and force you to do duolingo... Or mabey hagrid will come in and bust down ur door instead then give u the owl


            Since Duolingo Push was introduced, I have gone up a full level in two languages. The Passive-Aggressive option really works!


            If I get Duolingo Plus does this upgrade to Duolingo Knife?


            No. Duo will just have more problems finding you if you're using Duolingo in the offline mode. They assume that Plus users are already dedicated enough and don't need Duo that much.


            What happens if you don’t do the lessons...?

            Do you actually get pushed? O_o

            (Btw the video is funny).


            So does the owl literally show up to your work and tell you to do your language learning?

            Edit: I bet this is an Aprill fools joke...


            Yes, of course, Duo will find you wherever. I'm not sure how the technology works exactly, but I'd guess there's some sort of tracker that gets implanted into your phone's software that allows Duo to hunt you down (in the name of building responsible practices, of course).

            I got early access to Push and that's how I've kept my streak for so long - sometimes Duo shows up as I'm walking home, sometimes he knocks on my window just before midnight, one time he even walked into my Spanish classroom. It's a bit disconcerting at first but I can confirm that it really works


            Have you remembered to take your Spanish lessons?


            I haven't done Spanish on Duolingo in a while, I'm taking classes at my school and the real-life course has passed Duolingo's capabilities. But I've been progressing steadily with Japanese (thanks to this new Push feature!)


            Were you just faking that? I know this is an April Fools Joke, so what really happened


            See, I thought Duolingo was a legit website. Guess I'll have to do Duolingo... or else.


            This reminds me of never say no to panda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21mJh6j9i4


            @hmada993, I just watched this video and I DIED.. Oh my gosh! That was so hilarious. Seriously though, that is so what the duo owl is going to do!


            Haha yeah especially passive-aggressive Duo.


            This was long overdue. It's heartening to see Duolingo start using methods that really help learners.


            Fantastic! The ominous hooting outside my bedroom window is a great incentive to keep my streak up!


            Oh Gawd, I believed that for a second there Face Palm

            I was like "Wait that isn't possible. How can he be EVERYWHERE?"

            The I was like "Wait..It's April 1st! Oh Duo you prankster!"

            Haha! Nice one you guys!


            Génial, maintenant les gens n'ont plus à s'inquiéter de perdre leur série


            Poisson d'avril


            The real question is if he shows up and you refuse to do your lessons?


            Rumors of such bravery abound, but none of those who tried have survived to tell the tale...


            You're given a warning. The next time, I take your family hostage.


            ... ... Someone is not knocking on my door; I have not purchased Duolingo Push.


            Someone help. I refused when he showed up and now i'm on the run. There are like 50 of them after me. I have been running for 5 days now and i'm scared. SEND HELP!


            Well then here is a lingot if you're interested.


            I always forget to do my daily Duolingo and then i realise but my streak is already broken :( I hope this will help thanks i needed it!


            To who ever thinks that this could be fake...

            It totally isn't he won't stop following me send help please


            Will this apply to desktop? Hopefully not. That way I won't have to be routed out of my bed at 4:00 am by a rampaging duo!

            [deactivated user]


              Duo: The Horror Movie

              [deactivated user]

                Happy April Fool's Day Duo!


                On Apr 2nd, do you think Duo will say "Since so many people object we've canned it. See? We do listen. "?


                Ya... Maybe... (Lets see)


                Duo standing at front window, banging? Creepy.

                [Next day]

                • Not now Duo. I'm still sleepy...

                [Duo pushes out of bed and force to do Duolingo in the next 3 hours...]


                He’s coming to my house oh no I haven’t done a lesson in 4 months help he’s gonna kil-


                BAD DUO! Leave @PatCantDuo alone


                Guys, i forgot to tell you about the time I was in school and I saw Duo. I ran for my life, tripped, dropped my notebook, got up and ran again. He threw my notebook at me so I fell. Then, he went over to me and said "Well well, look who we have here. Now, Lily, get on Duolingo and practice your fricking French. OR ELSE." I then went on Duolingo and practiced until I went to sleep. ......................... .......................... (LOL THIS FEATURE RULES)


                Wait, does duo actually come to your house to remind you or...


                No, he can come wherever you are not just your house. He is worse than St. Nick


                Hey, Santa is amazing. He breaks in your house, steals your cookies and milk, and then says sorry by giving you presents.

                Obviously Santa has the best operation ever. Love ya Santa! Haha!


                And what about the Easter Bunny? He tramples your yard, (sometimes) breaks stuff, and leaves you candy as a way to apologize.


                So he tracks us down and makes us do our lessons.

                BEST THING EVER!

                Totally not creepy at all....^-^


                How do they find where you live


                I'm filing a restraining order.


                Duo isn't going to like that. :)


                Can Duo even be stopped by the law?? :O


                he got through the entire police department of Alabama once


                *Intruder Alert (Back Door). Proceed with caution.*


                You gotta file it in all of your target languages...


                Haha! Practice so you could defend yourself against the owl.


                If you practise, you won't have to...


                Is that an April Fool's Joke? Doesn't seem like an in-app feature if a person wearing a Duo costume stalks its users while Duo goes collecting your data, location, and info.


                I literally can't break my Chinese streak or else Duo will come and break my Chinese K N E E S


                So this is what happens when I ignore my Indonesian tree for a month, how satisfying :)

                [deactivated user]

                  "We're in the Endgame now."


                  Avengers reference?


                  I've seen things that look like this retweeted by Duolingo. I assume that this is an April Fools' Day joke.


                  Pls leave me wife alive... You can take my dictionary...


                  Is this why I keep finding my door unlocked?


                  Duo: Looks like you forgot your Spanish lesson.... Me begs in spanish Duo: smacks bat against hands Me: *cries in Despacito


                  I think it should get banned because it is basically trying stalk you! look at these reviews 1.“Duo appeared while I was on a second date. We didn’t make it to the third date, but I did make it to the third lesson of the Flirting skill in my French course!”

                  Ashley F.

                  Pittsburgh, PA 2."I was relaxing after a long day when that bloody owl knocked on my window at 11:55 pm. Almost had a heart attack, but at least my streak is alive and well!"

                  Oliver P.

                  London, UK 3. “Duo found me while I was walking my dog and a tussle ensued. Green feathers everywhere! Luckily, I managed to save my dog’s life AND my German streak.”

                  Nadia R.

                  Istanbul, Turkey Do you guys agree? or no? I think it is creepy for someone to know where you live!


                  Learn or fail! Actually on Duolingo this dude told me to die or leave learning. I laughed.


                  Is this cause of the memes, I suddenly feel bad for duo, he didn’t do anything wrong. Why are people making fun of him, why? He is just a cute little owl, who helps us learn. This is bullying. LETS STAND UP FOR DUO! SAVE THIS OWL! THIS IS ABUSE!


                  What an amazing feature!


                  I really hope it is an OPTION. I really object to big brother nagging, telling an organised person when to do what or control with 'do it or I will nag'.
                  If it is an option I do thank you for helping those who want it..


                  HAHA, great april fools joke. It would soo creepy to get woken up in the middle of the night by a creepy owl !!


                  Hello. I am Duo DiCaprio. You didn't practice your Spanish. Prepare to die.


                  Thank you dear leader Duo!


                  What is it? Does a real life duo walk up to the door and remind you do do a lesson?! I don't understand...


                  Yep... That is how it goes.


                  I asked the same question, before I realized it was an april fools joke...


                  Do you think this is an April Fools joke? It seems that you might be hinting toward it, but I just wanted to make sure.


                  I wonder why we won't be missing practice... it won't be Tweet, no-no... it'll be Duo. Banging on the back door... Look at him... Terrifying... Terrifyin... Terrifyi... Terify... Terrif... Terri... Terr... Ter... Te... T...



                  Nice April Fools Joke!

                  [deactivated user]

                    HAHAHAHAHA!! april fools! I totaly beleved that ;u;


                    This is not an April Fool's joke?


                    It is... I think I was the first one to guess that it was... I got tipped off when I tried to sign up and found out that you can't! I guess that all the stories of it happening are fakes...


                    learn Spanish or P̧͇̲͓̪̟̩̆͒͒ͫ̀Ȩ̶̠̤͙͖̣̩̤̦̑ͨ̄ͤͫ̇ͨ̿͟R̴̥͕̩͙̫͑̕Ǐ̛̫̹̗̖̟̭̘̦͌͌̍ͫ̀̚͡S̶̜̫̹̭̺̦̜͆ͤḪ̹̲̯͔̩̘͛̚. Happy april fools.


                    We can learn new languages via social media if we follow people tweeting in the relevant languages. It helps to turn off auto-translate.


                    Haha this is so funn- wait whos knocking at my door?


                    They should use talons instead of lingots.


                    you know even if push is not real. . . i wonder where i can get a duolingo plush


                    I was the first one to guess that this was an april fools


                    I kinda want to meet Duo


                    Ok, congratulations duo, you achieved your goal, fooled me so bad. For a moment, I thought it was real.


                    Pls don't hurt me duo


                    Learn German or become a vermin go to spain or be in pain Learn jamaican or be bacon

                    relax these are jokes... ...unless duo says otherwise...


                    Please send me lingots. Duo has my family and sent me a ransom note for 10 lingots and for me to learn more Spanish. Plz help me. I want to save my family. (lol. I like making jokes.... plz help..... lol)


                    LEARN SPANISH or VANISH!!!


                    Help... Where is my family????? THIS IS NOT FUNNY Duolingo!


                    I MISS EVERY SPANISH LESSON


                    Don't worry everyone's like that.


                    DUO IL VA TE SUIVER ET IL VA TE TUER


                    DUO IL VA TE SUIVER ET IL VA TE TUER


                    i wonder what colour he is in real life


                    Same as his color from the website


                    JE SUIS PEUR DE DUOLINGO


                    Forgive me, Cisco, but to me, you've been dead for centuries.

                    Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.