Help me WRITE and vanquish foes with the mighty pen

Currently into: Japanese and Korean


I need your help. I want to write stories in Japanese, or basically, just pen in Japanese so I can gauge how much I've actually learned. It's one thing gathering vocab and going through grammar points (Tae Kim, mostly), and totally another when you actually have to speak or, in my case, communicate via writing.

Over time, I've gradually accumulated enough knowledge (or so I believe. Feel free to put me in my place) for me to confidently assert I can comprehend how 'Japanese works.'

All I ask of you, Japanese 先輩, is help me figure out how to take it from here. This Japanese learning journey began as a random hobby, one of those you'd drop when you found something more interesting. Somewhat wondrously, I haven't dropped Japanese as of yet. Yeah, I'm the sort who loses interest quickly and, hey, since I'm still here, I believe I can go further and put on the 'get serious boxing gloves'.

So, writing-wise, where do I start? What has worked for you? What's the most efficient way to work on writing in Japanese? Where do I get any writing exercises? Any textbook recommendations? (Though I think I'd rather just look up grammar points as they come up.)

Apart from that, any master-tips so I can perhaps start swimming in the Japanese pool? (Right now, I consider myself to be in the shallowest side.) I know I have a long way to go. And before shelving the world of Japanese away as a dream-not-meant-to-be, I want to give it one, serious try. Coz no regrets, yeah?


April 1, 2019


Going to follow this thread as I'd also like to find out about some good writing practice resources. I've picked up a couple of the Tuttle books - one for learning hiragana and katakana, and another for basic kanji. They seem pretty good, but I've no comparison to anything else, so no idea if they're actually any good! Hope someone provides an answer here.

April 3, 2019

Hiya. Gotta say, these books sound cool. Also, I see you're 5 lvls ahead. How's your Jap-learning journey going? Any other resources you've picked up and found useful? What has been the biggest challenge you've encountered wrt Jap?

April 4, 2019
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