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  5. "mIp torgh 'ach jImIpbe' jIH."

"mIp torgh 'ach jImIpbe' jIH."

Translation:Torg is rich but I am not rich.

April 2, 2019



Can you omit "jIH" here?


That's right. majQa'!

Since the jI- prefix already tells you that the subject (the one who is being rich) is I, the jIH pronoun is not needed. Appropriate prefixes are required, matching pronouns are optional. For the sentences we present to you in this course we mix it up a little. Sometimes we will add the optional and unnecessary pronoun and sometimes we won't.

If you get the reverse exercise (where you are presented with the English sentence and have to translate into Klingon), your translation of this sentence will be marked correct whether you include the pronoun jIH or not.

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