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"Ninety-nine dollars and fifty cents for the concert ticket."

Translation:Kanaiwakūmamāiwa kālā me kanalima keneka no ka likiki ʻaha mele.

April 2, 2019



The answer "Kanaiwa kūmā iwa kālā a me kanalima kēneka no ke kikiki ʻaha mele" should be acceptable


Kanaiwa kūmā iwa needs to be all one word Kanaiwakūmāiwa


actually I had it exactly right *except I put "a me" instead of just "me," which I think was SamOhuGon's real question (although I don't know)... So the question is whether that's actually wrong since in English you could use the "and" or not.


I think "Kanaiwakumamaiwa kala a me kanalima keneka no ka likiki 'aha mele" should be acceptable. (using "a me")


Yes, but DL will ding you for the use of "a" in this prompt.


And I don't even like Bruno Mars....


bruh it didnt even have the word blank for likiki


ae, pololei e haʻi ana kanaiwakumaiwa kala.


So is it ʻlikikiʻ or ʻkikikiʻ? The hover hints has likiki but the ʻyou have a typoʻ says kikiki. Which one is correct? Even here on this discussion page both words are used for ʻticketʻ. Can anyone here tell me which is right?


Just to add to Hawaiian-German's reply (which is correct), another definition of "kikiki" is cheat. For that reason, Niʻihau speakers always use "likiti" for ticket because they use "kikiti" to say cheat.

FYI, some speakers of Hawaiian (not Niʻihau) like to use kikiki for ticket and likiki for receipt. Note that all three words come from English.


Both are correct: ticket — Pukui-Elbert, Eng to Haw, kikiki, likiki.


Mahalo nui, e Hawaiian-German!


Why is it wrong to start this with ʻheʻ?


It's not wrong and should be accepted. Ninety-nine dollars is an amount number between 10-99 and so should have "he." It may be deleted sometimes in conversational Hawaiian, but it should definitely be accepted as correct.

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