Please help me understand this sentence

Can any one please tell me what does the following sentence means? It’s spoken in the podcast below at around 08:00


April 2, 2019


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Hello, I'm Japanese.

It is difficult to read conversational sentences.

To summarize this sentence:


I think this is an ordinary sentence.

Conversational sentences are difficult to put together!!

Since I was able to correct Japanese, it would be appreciated if someone could translate this into English.

April 2, 2019

Hi! It says:

Yesterday, staff from the facility management office of the condominium where I live came to my place. According to them, the said office doesn't have authority over damage claims, so they would send a person from the company's HQ to check the current situation, so if I would be so kind as to discuss this with them.


「後日」=next day later at a later day ...

"後日" has a meaning from the next day.

Thank you very much!

You're welcome(●´ω`●)

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