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  5. "Sajmey tISopQo'!"

"Sajmey tISopQo'!"

Translation:Don't eat pets!

April 2, 2019



If I wanted to respond with "Don't eat any animals [at all]," would it be better to say Hoch Ha'DIbaH peSopQo' or (I suspect this is better) pagh Ha'DIbaH peSop? Or perhaps there's an even better way I haven't learned yet?


Remember that pe- is used only when there is no object (and the subject is plural).

As for Hoch, it acts differently depending on whether the following noun has a plural suffix or not: Hoch Ha'DIbaH = every animal (individually), Hoch Ha'DIbaHmey = all animals (together).

So Hoch Ha'DIbaH yISopQo' would be "Don't eat every animal" and Hoch Ha'DIbaHmey tISopQo' would be "Don't eat all the animals".

So you'd probably want to go with pagh Ha'DIbaH yISop! if you want something more specific than just Ha'DIbaH(mey) tISopQo' "don't eat animals". (Though I'm not completely certain that pagh takes a singular-object suffix.)


It is used singularly in paq'batlh:

SaqSubDaq pagh Qoylu' In the Saq'sub all is quiet

SanDaj SaH pagh No one cared about its fate

qeylIS lIjlaHbogh pagh Kahless the Unforgettable

If pagh were grammatically plural, the verbs would have lu- on them.


qatlho'! Yes, I did mean something like "don't eat any animal[s]" or "don't eat animals at all." I was pretty sure that the variants using Hoch would translate exactly as you have explained, but sometimes there are surprises, so I wanted to be certain.

I had forgotten, however, that the pe- prefix cannot be used with an object. So, thank you for that reminder!

(P.S. chaq Satu'pu', 'e' Ha'DIbaH vISopbe'. mu' "vegetarian" ghaj'a' tlhIngan Hol? ghajbe, jIQub ...)


Perhaps I have noticed you, I don't eat animals that.

'e' isn't a conjunction; it's always the object of the second verb of a sentence-as-object construction.

What I think you're trying to say is Ha'DIbaH vISopbe' chaq 'e' Datu' Perhaps you notice that I don't eat animals. (Unfortunately, there's a rule that says you can't use a type 7 suffix, like -pu', on a verb that has 'e' or net as its object.)

Your last sentence should be ghajbe'law'. You could, if you prefer, say ghajbe' 'e' vIQub.


I've heard naH SopwI' "fruit/vegetable eater" used for "vegetarian". I think that was an ad hoc coinage at the qepHom, so your mileage with other speakers may vary, though it seems understandable enough to me.

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