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Immersion tab for unfinished articles

I often look for documents that are unfinished, so I can get more points for them. I find ones that were uploaded weeks ago, and they are hardly translated. They don't show up at the top of any lists, so it's really hard to find them, and they just sit there. I would recommend adding a tab for untranslated documents.

April 10, 2013



I concur, I prefer to do the ones that are incomplete or even unstarted.


Does "New" not do the job for you?


New sometimes works for me but I am also interested in translating ones that aren't new and are just buried due to lack of interest over weeks at a time. At other times there aren't many new articles in the new tab (occasionally). I wonder what happen to these articles if they do not get translated. Another reason I would like this feature as I may be able to find an article that I like that aren't in the already available lists.


As kaicce said, "New" is kind of a gamble. I haven't played around with the new system enough yet, but in the old system "newest" did not necessarily imply "least translated". Also, given the varying degrees of difficulty, it was a bit of a challenge to find articles that were missing translated portions at my level.


Yes, exactly as kaicce and oowowaee said.

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