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  5. "Bull likes corn."

"Bull likes corn."

Translation:Dóola naadą́ą́ bił yáʼátʼééh.

April 3, 2019



I can't get past this, because I don't have a font that has the letters in "corn" (naadáá).


Hi I cleared this stage even with an european keyboard by typing it like that way " Dóola naadáá' bit yá'át'ééh " Try it out yourself... Bye


Unfortunately, I've been doing that and it doesn't accept it as the correct answer fir this question.


From what I understand, it is better typed "bil" because that is a closer pronunciation. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am having difficulty understanding the use of that word.


If you put the ’ after the letter a (particularly the last letter) it should work.


What does "bił" mean?


(Dóóla naad'á'á' bil yá'át'ééh) this was the only way it worked for me, lets get it done ✌


In Mac OS with the ABC Extended keyboard there is a way to type accented characters in which we first type the base vowel, like a, and then type shift-option key sequences to add accents to them. For example, if we type a and then type shift-option e, it adds the high-tone accent, and then type shift-option m, it also adds the nasal hook. For example, I typed naadą́ą́ using this method. This looks right, but the grading on Duolingo fails to recognize this as the same character as the one it is looking for. I wish I could do this, because it's more natural to be able to type all the characters than to have to interrupt the typing to go pick the precomposed high nasal a off the list.


Do you have a Navajo keyboard?


i cut and paste from https://glosbe.com/en/nv/hello

i got : Dóola naadą́ą́ bił yá’át’ééh. i cant pronounce any thing but i sm learning the language.

it goes quite quickly with a split screen on a phone.


Bro it wont work


This is a problem for me, also.

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