"Bull likes corn."

Translation:Dóola naadą́ą́ bił yáʼátʼééh.

April 3, 2019

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I can't get past this, because I don't have a font that has the letters in "corn" (naadáá).


Hi I cleared this stage even with an european keyboard by typing it like that way " Dóola naadáá' bit yá'át'ééh " Try it out yourself... Bye


Unfortunately, I've been doing that and it doesn't accept it as the correct answer fir this question.


From what I understand, it is better typed "bil" because that is a closer pronunciation. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am having difficulty understanding the use of that word.


If you put the ’ after the letter a (particularly the last letter) it should work.


What does "bił" mean?


Wiktionary has surprisingly good coverage of Navajo words- it says basically the meaning is "with him/her" or "with them", or even "in the company of them", etc. It seems to be routinely used with the word for good, to mean that some subject XX "likes" some object YY: "XX YY bit yá'át'ééh." Native speakers please call me out if I'm off base!


(Dóóla naad'á'á' bil yá'át'ééh) this was the only way it worked for me, lets get it done ✌


In Mac OS with the ABC Extended keyboard there is a way to type accented characters in which we first type the base vowel, like a, and then type shift-option key sequences to add accents to them. For example, if we type a and then type shift-option e, it adds the high-tone accent, and then type shift-option m, it also adds the nasal hook. For example, I typed naadą́ą́ using this method. This looks right, but the grading on Duolingo fails to recognize this as the same character as the one it is looking for. I wish I could do this, because it's more natural to be able to type all the characters than to have to interrupt the typing to go pick the precomposed high nasal a off the list.


i cut and paste from https://glosbe.com/en/nv/hello

i got : Dóola naadą́ą́ bił yá’át’ééh. i cant pronounce any thing but i sm learning the language.

it goes quite quickly with a split screen on a phone.


Can anyone advise me where to download a Navaho keyboard?


Do you have a Navajo keyboard?


This is a problem for me, also.


CWhat a hate when you don't get your keyboard accents


Dóola naada'a bil yá'át'ééh worked for me.


Doola naadaa bit ya'at'eeh is best one can do with a standard keyboard...


Same here. I don't have that special character needed to write the correctly


It worked "dóolaa naadą́ą́ bił yáʼátʼééh"


I can't type the right letter


Oh my gosh dude this was a pain in the butt. Thanks for helping me

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