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  5. "DIvI' Hol jatlh torgh."

"DIvI' Hol jatlh torgh."

Translation:Torg speaks Federation Standard.

April 3, 2019



If your answer appears correct, but it is being rejected, your most likely error is that you are not distinguishing between the Klingon letter 'It, written as capital eye (I), and the Klingon letter lay, written as a lower case ell (l). This is no problem to experienced speakers, or even to beginners who have a good toehold in the language, because 'It is a vowel and goes where a vowel must go, while lay is a consonant and goes where a consonant must go. Every Klingon syllable starts in exactly one consonant, and has one vowel. And oh yes, tlh is one consonant, spelled with a lower case T-L-H. While you're wrapping your mind around that, look for the curl at the bottom of the l.


Glad to see Torg is moving up in the world


Is "Federation Standard" a word for English?


On Star Trek, we almost never hear them refer to English, but some of the Star Trek materials reference a language called Federation Standard. But since we hear all the Federation members and those communicating with them speaking English, in this course, we equate Federation Standard with English.

[deactivated user]

    The tooltip for "Dlvl'" defines the word as meaning "Federation Standard" or "English" or even just "Federation".

    So, I don't understand how the sentence could not be translated as "Torg speaks Federation English."


    The "hints" are not "definitions". They draw from a variety of sentences and sometimes give the translations of full phrases even though you're just looking for the single word. DIvI' means "federation". It can be used to refer to any type of federation. In English we can distinguish whether we mean "a federation" or "The Federation" by use of a capital on the proper noun. Klingon does not have this ability and so we must rely on context to indicate that. Without additional words, this Klingon word cannot be used to refer to any language.

    Hol means "language", thus DIvI' Hol can be literally translated as "a federation language", "the Federation language", "the Federation's language", and other similar variations (which are all accepted in translations on this exercise). In Star Trek materials, the common language spoken by the Federation is usually called "Federation Standard". So sometimes we use that for the displayed translation. In reality, Americans experience Federation Standard as being English. So we also accept that as a translation for DIvI' Hol.

    If we think of the broadest interpretation of DIvI' Hol, the term could probably be used to refer to any of Earth's languages as well as languages from any of the Federation's other plants (like Vulcan). In a context where it seemed to be referring to "a Federation language", some of those might come to mind, though I wouldn't translate it as any particular language, since it could be any of them. However, in most cases when a Klingon hears DIvI' Hol he's going to think of the single most common Federation language which would be Federation Standard (or English). Where context makes that clear, I would usually translate it with those terms.

    To specify "Federation English" calls to mind other kinds of English and the differences that might exist. For that kind of context, I would probably call the language 'Inglangan Hol and would translate, "Federation English" as DIvI' 'Inglangan Hol.


    The tooltip for "Dlvl'"

    Careful -- that word is DIvI' and not Dlvl'. There are two capital i's in the word and no lowercase L's.

    Pay attention to the little curl at the bottom of a lowercase L l which is not present in the capital i I.

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