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Streak reduced to zero. Why?

I have been learning Indonesian every single day for more than two months. As I start to forget what I learnt in the beginning, I want to do a series of practices to refresh my memory. Yesterday I only had time for one practice and today I found I have lost my 70+ streak and the counter has been turned back to zero. I find this very discouraging as the streak acts as encouragement to keep going, even if it gets a bit difficult. Does a practice not count as learning? Or have I misunderstood something?

April 3, 2019



Hoi Ineke, you lost your daily streak because you didn't reach your mininum daily goal of 20XP on the 2nd of April.
Please have a look here:

83 days streak lost 2 days ago · repair available
Daily Goal: 20 XP

You can change your daily goal in your "settings" page, "coach":


Thank you! I should have realised those 20XP were important, but as I always did quite a bit more, it did not really sink in. Have to go out now, but will have a look at how to repair the streak later today.


Hi! Indeed, it says 'repair available,' but I can't find how to do it. And I'd love to be back on track. Can you help? I don't have to reset my daily goal, as I now know to make sure to do the amount needed.


I'm sorry, I don't know how to repair the streak.
I think (I'm not sure about this) that you'll have to pay for it (real money, not lingots).
There are probably other posts about this in the past.
Hopefully the search function of the forum will render some results.

(Typing this on my phone, no search function here).


Yes you have to pay with real money to sign Up for Duolingo plus to get free streak repair monthly.


Yes, I saw a pop up telling me I would get one free repair per month with Duolingo Plus, with the usual offer to try it free for a week. I considered giving it a try for a week, repair the streak and then cancel, but … I decided to start afresh as I don't really need the gimmick. I want to learn the language and it does not really matter how long it takes. Thank you both for taking the trouble to get back to me.

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