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Stay On Topic Please!

Duolingo's discussion area is a great place for tips on languages, help on using the website, and encouragement and ideas that have to do with learning! But it's not a great place for random comments. Keep in mind this is not Facebook. Comments concerning the Detroit Lions or something like that are not of interest. Please keep your comments anchored around learning. Thanks!

April 3, 2019



I think there are some kids who use the site in conjunction with their classwork, and don't bother taking things seriously. So instead of just contributing something productive, they enjoy annoying the lot of us.

I wish there was more active moderation here to warn/suspend/delete accounts or IP-ban certain users that are constantly breaching the terms of service. Better yet, a system where you can put in a direct report to their teachers to notify them of how they use the forum.


Good point! Thanks for commenting!


Yes, absolutely!! That happens everyday around noon EST.


Makes an off topic post about off topic posts.

Gets plenty of off topic comments in the off topic post.



For a foreign learner learning English, a conversation on the Detroit Lions could be very helpful. It is a lot of cultural and technical language for them to learn along with a bunch of words used in a second meaning that they could be confused by if they are not aware of them.

Just saying.


But "Hi!" "Follow me", and "Give me lingots" is probably not useful.


Hi!, I was wondering if you could follow me and possibly even give me lingots?


I thought that was funny, just wanted to let you know in spite of all the downvotes ;P


I also found it funny!


I also thought it was funny :)


Fun. I remember that word. Just let me think a minute...

[deactivated user]

    That isn't even irony. That's just downright annoying.


    Meta spam doesn't help anyone.


    I dunno. I met a spam once. Saved my life.


    I agree with this, but there is another thing I want to address. The "downvote" button really bothers me. I think that there should be a "report post" button for irrelevant or innapropriate posts, and admin can then remove the post. The downvote button can make people feel worse about sharing their opinion, or anything, for a matter of fact.


    People who feel bad about being downvoted need to take good hard look at themselves in the mirror and reevaluate how they handle input or criticism.

    It may not be as obvious as a downvoted button but everyone will be downvoted at some point in their lives. Ideas shot down at work, rejection, cancelled plans, missed opportunities.

    If a down vote gets you down, how can you handle a real life downvoted?


    It's not about feeling bad. It's about people senselessly down voting posts that are quite legitimate, and they get hidden and never seen by most of us. That's just annoying.


    That’s a whole other issue than what was mentioned


    The point is not the downvotes themselves, it's the effect of the downvotes, making these posts disappear from the discussion timeline, which is annoying when a legitimate post has been made. This would deter people from bothering, nobody asked for an opinionated comment about self-esteem!


    I rarely see legit posts get more than 5 downvoted.

    Can you link one of these?


    Merkavar, I agree, Nobody should get their self-worth from a down-vote from somebody halfway across the world. When I post I really don't care what people think I hope that they like it, but if they hate it, oh well that's fine. There are people out there who will always have to disagree with everything as well. If you can't handle getting down-votes for psychological reasons it is probably best to not be on the forums

    The down-vote button is needed to be on here for issues like scam and inappropriate posts, we have mods. that can do that, but they are people as well and they are not getting paid to do that


    I really wish there were an off-topic board, but doing so might lessen the educational value of the website. A good clean community board would help keep some users interested in the site even after their interest in studying wanes.


    If there was an off-topic board, some disruptor would just start making on-topic posts and ruin it for everyone!


    I love the comments on this. Beatified irony in all its glory.


    It's interesting to watch the discussion tab to see what will be flamed and what will be allowed to stand.

    It was crazy text speak here yesterday (coincidentally) when America woke up.


    yea that is fun to watch ;)


    good job with the comment too


    here here! Oh is this a random comment?


    I know. It is pretty annoying seeing those types of comments, since Duolingo is not really MEANT for social media. It's meant to learn languages. Even if some of the times comments that are not on topic can be helpful, since it could be teaching them a culture of the country, such as football.

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