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Dictionary Translation Thread

I got my Champion badge today and I've been thinking about how I can continue using Duolingo to improve my Indonesian skills.

One thing I've found pretty rewarding is trying to help answer questions by looking up confusing words on KBBI, the official dictionary, and translating what I find there.

So what I'd like to try is a thread where people can ask for the official definition of a word, and others, including myself, can jump in and have a go at translating it.

My Indonesian is far from perfect, so not every translation will be either, but I think in the past I've been able to clear up a lot of confusion using these definitions.

I Duolingo in my lunchbreak at work, so if there's a lot of requests, I can try to do one a day every week day.

So are there any words that you are having trouble getting your head around?

April 4, 2019



For fun, let's start with the definition of Kamus

kamus /ka·mus/ (noun)


buku acuan yang memuat kata dan ungkapan, biasanya disusun menurut abjad berikut keterangan tentang makna, pemakaian, atau terjemahannya

Reference book that contains words and pronunciations - normally arranged alphabetically - together with information about the meaning, usage or translation.


buku yang memuat kumpulan istilah atau nama yang disusun menurut abjad beserta penjelasan tentang makna dan pemakaiannya

Book that contains a collection of terms or names that are arranged alphabetically along with explanations of meaning and usage.


diri, pikiran: tak ada istilah “takut” dalam -- saya

Self, thoughts: As in "There is no word for 'fear' in my dictionary"


How about "hingga" and "sehingga"?


Thanks for the request

hingga /hing·ga/ n

1 (noun)

batas penghabisan; batas: tidak ada -- nya

Deadline, limit: "There is no limit"

2 (preposition)

sampai: terasa sakit dari kaki -- perut ia menunggu di rumah -- petang hari

until: "It hurts from my feet up to my stomach."; "She waited at home until the evening."

3 (preposition)

sampai menjadi (atau sampai pada keadaan ...): ia menangis sepanjang malam -- bengkak kedua matanya

Until becoming (or until a given state...): "He cried all night until both of his eyes were swollen."


sehingga /se·hing·ga/ (preposition)

kata penghubung untuk menandai akibat

Conjunction that marks a consequence.


This thread had some discussion over punya vs. milik



1 (verb)

menaruh (dalam arti memiliki): ia sudah -- uang pembeli sepeda

To store (in the sense of 'to own'): "She has stored away the money of the person buying a bicycle"

2 (verb)

memiliki: siapa yang punya rumah ini

To own something: "Who is it that owns this house?"

3 (noun)

milik; yang dimiliki: yang hilang -- saya, bukan -- Tuan

Property, that which is owned: "The lost thing is my property, not Tuan's property"


[https://kbbi.web.id/milik] (milik)

1 (noun)

kepunyaan; hak

Ownership, right to something

2 (noun)

peruntungan; nasib baik: dasar -- , barangnya yang hilang akhirnya ditemukan lagi;

Luck, fortune: Not sure how to translate dasar-milik will get back to y'all


This thread had some discussion over punya vs. milik

Here is another sentence discussion about 'punya' (and 'milik') :

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