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"Kucing ini merusak langit-langit kami."

Translation:This cat damages our ceiling.

April 4, 2019



To damage, destroy, break...all are possible and perfectly correct translations of "merusakkan". But "to destroy" is not accepted. And there I have to say good-bye to just another heart. I've lost plenty of them this way.


It still doesnt make sense to use impossible examples. Why not use a sentence that is helpful and acceptable?


Y'all complaining about this being nonsense have never owned cats. Them l'il #&$-;$ will destroy everything.


Shouldn't "This cat breaks our ceiling" be also acceptable?


Hu! It's me, Daisy...


Why langit-langit and not just langit ? I thought doubling a noun was to express plural form.


"Butterfly" is "kupu-kupu" and "dolphin" is "lumba-lumba". I do not understand why there are some Indonesian nouns that look like plurals but are singular. English has "sheep", and "deer", and "moose", which are the same whether there is one of them or a billion of them.


Reduplication of nouns have meanings other than pluralization, such as labeling a thing that has a similar concept as that of the root word. In this example, "Langit" means sky. But reduplicating it means a its-a-sky-thingy, which in this case, it's a ceiling.

There are other examples similar to "langit-langit", like:

  • rumah -> house
    • rumah-rumahan -> playhouse
  • gula -> sugar
    • gula-gula -> candy, same as "permen"
  • tiba -> arrive, same as "datang"
    • tiba-tiba -> suddenly


kucing ini jahat


Nonsense sentences - do they help us learn? Why waste space on them?

  1. vocabulary is used & introduced.
  2. grammar is shown.

What the semantics are, are arbitrary. In fact, make a comparison with algebra - then create expressions which are sensical of your own.


I agree. Otherwise, what you are looking for is a conversation guide, but that does not get you very far.


This is a programme that helps you understand and use language, not a touristic dictionnary with all important sentences to learn by heart


Google Ceiling Cat

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