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  5. "That fish is purple."

"That fish is purple."

Translation:SuD ghotI'vetlh 'ej Doq.

April 4, 2019



Can it be < Sud éj Doq ghotIvetlh>. Since the subject follows verb/ verbal adjective.


I would consider that more confusing -- like "it's blue and the fish is red". You don't know what the SuD refers to. I think it's clearer to put the subject after the first verb, rather than after the second one -- SuD ghotI'vetlh 'ej Doq. "The fish is blue and it is red = The fish is blue and red = The fish is purple".

SuD 'ej Doq isn't a single verb "be purple"; it's two verbs (which could be entire sentences by themselves) joined by the sentence conjunction 'ej "and".


I got it now. Thanks

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