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My son’s name...

Just curious as to why “son’s” is rendered in the plural in Hindi, as in “My son’s name...”: मेरे बेटे का नाम... Why isn’t it just बेट का?

And also when brothers read books, why does the read become plural and not brothers?

April 4, 2019


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The singular (son) is बेटा and the plural (sons) is बेटे.

However, nouns in Hindi tend to change form when they are in the oblique case. This happens when they are followed by a postposition (like का). The oblique case form of the singular बेटा is बेटे (incidentally the same as the direct case plural) and the oblique case form of the plural बेटे is बेटों.

So, मेरा बेटा छोटा है - My son is young मेरे बेटे छोटे हैं - My sons are young मेरे बेटे का कुत्ता - My son's dog मेरे बेटों का कुत्ता - My sons' dog

In 'मेरे भाई किताब पढ़ते हैं', brothers (भाई) is plural but it so happens that the plural of भाई is भाई itself. Think of it like the English word 'deer' which is its own plural.


Fantastic answer! Thanks a lot!

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