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DL design getting more & more childish

I've been using DL for 3 years, and to me the app is becoming more and more childish everytime it gets a new design, the drawings and symbols for units of learning look sillier and the buttons look like a toy machine for babies.

April 4, 2019



That only stands to reason. A very potential "target" for language learning is children. Parents are eager for their children to learn a new language at an early age to get ahead in life, and if they are monolingual they'll probably just look for the most popular and "fun" program on the market (just ask Rosetta Stone on that).

Back to the design, I try my best to ignore it, but it's a bit hard to do so when you have all these silly cartoons (when you click the light bulb for example). When you learn something, the less distractions the better.

I don't mean to bash on the staff too much, but it's clear that they value flashy colours and quantity over quality. I fell for that trap as well when I was 14 and started learning French on DL and RS (exactly 6 years ago)


Personally I don't really care about the silly designs, I think we should be more concerned about the serious watering-down of the actual learning process and half-baked, lazily thrown together courses we've had recently.


It's pretty clear to me that this is a course designed exactly for children, and the encouragement for schools to use the program in their courses is evident.

I don't have many options as I'm learning Ukrainian. I'm glad this site is free, but I am currently looking for a better site, and I don't even care if I have to pay for it.


You don't necessarily need a site like Duolingo. All you need is to get the basics down and find a way to learn most of the grammar (there is a good amount of books for that, even in Ukrainian; alternatively just type "Ukrainian grammar" and I'm sure you'll get something). After that, just immerse yourself in the language, read and listen to it; a nice place to get into it is a site called Lingq https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/uk/web/feed .You might want to review and store vocab or entire sentences somewhere, for that I recommend Anki (or Memrise).


I forgot how to count to ten.


I'll teach you! One, tree, twenty-seven, five, seven, TEN! :P


In what language? LOL


I imagine the design changes are due in large part to a shift in their vision and target market.


Schools use it, so I guess they decided to change it tho tbh they don't really teach languages in primary whereas they do in secondary and older kids don't care about how it looks (as they're probably forced to do at least 10xp a day) so... :)


I am very willing to shift space on stage to make more room for the younger people. Style-wise I don't mind personally, whether I like or dislike it. If children in particular, or childhood-friendly people, designed this version I'm glad they have a go. Praise to them!

My only feedback about screen designs has been about 'brightness' at the extreme of the scale, 'contrast', and 'tiny faint fonts' vs field, all of which do affect eyesight or WILL result in eyesight problems.

Many people are not aware of the effects, like when people are not aware about UV rays and the health effects. Proper (computer) screen designs must include the duty of care for users.

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