"Siamo assolutamente contrari."

Translation:We are absolutely contrary.

April 10, 2013

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Both the answers given are poor English: 1. We are absolutely against. requires an object.. against It, for example We are absolutely contrary. This means to be in a bad mood, butagain does not sound English


I believe it means "we absolutely disagree"


I said "we are absolute opposites" and it marked me correct


So contrari is an adjective here (contraio) but you can just say contro which is a preposition and invariant?


In French the same verb is used to say: "vexed, annoyed, irritated." It seems to make sense in Italian as well. "we are absolutely annoyed?"


Does this put the 2+ people in the subject with each other or against each other? Or is there not enough information to tell?

If my question isn't clear: are they both absolutely against an unnamed thing, or are they both absolutely against each other?


The only context I can supply that makes this expression natural is of someone enquiring what you all think of this proposal to which the expression is an answer. But carasheri suggests this reading is unlikely. You learn to ignore a lot of owlisms :-)

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