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"DaH wornagh vItlhutlhlaHbe'. qarghan HoD qoq vItI'nIS."

Translation:I can't drink warnog right now. I need to repair Captain Kargan's robot.

April 4, 2019



Can you imagine the kind of incredulous "nuq?" comments this sentence would generate in any other language forum? :-D But in Klingon, coupled with our knowledge of the Trekiverse, we not only fully accept the sentence as is, but we probably also each have an image of this particular scenario playing out in our minds.


Many other courses also avoid discussing war and combat, but this course is able to embrace it. I have been campaigning for Duolingo to give us some weapon images, but they really could only be used in this course. But since they would only be used in this course, anyway, I keep hoping that one day we will get a betleH image.


A betleH image would be awesome. :-) But yes, I can see how Duolingo would want to avoid having to create special images that are single-language-specific (aside from flags). If word got out, then they'd have to start creating special images for every language ... it would never end.

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