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Help in hindi

For the pronounciation I am very good but I find it so hard to learn the writing, the letters are either simillar i confuse between them or just hard for me to remember. Does anyone have a good method to help me? Thank you.

April 4, 2019



Honestly, flash cards never went of out style, that's how I learned to read Hindi about two years ago now. Just go through the deck of cards over and over until you have it, took me under an hour.


Same as our alphabet, they have a particular order. Vowels first and then consonants. The consonants are arranged after where in the mouth their sound is produced. Starting at the back of the mouth with ka and moving forward. I suggest writing the whole devnagari alphabet out by hand over and over and you'll soon get it. That's what I did.


It is pretty common to confuse Hindi alphabets--I am an Urdu speaker and have a similar constant and vowel pack, but the representations are totally different, so yeah I do too get confused. Just practice daily starting with basic words like dog, elephant--the more you write down, the better you get at writing Hindi.


Write the alphabet a few times every day you will get it in a week or two

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