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"You want to enlarge this picture but Tini wants to make it smaller."

Translation:Kamu ingin memperbesar gambar ini tapi Tini ingin memperkecilnya.

April 4, 2019



Is memperluas wrong here?


menperluas talks about the volume as in memperluas ruangan = expanding the room While if its a picture (gambar) were talking about, the image is stretched to make it bigger as in enlargening it. So the correct answer is memperbesar Correct me if im wrong


memperluas is expand, enlarge is memperbesar


My answer: Kamu ingin memperbesar gambar ini tetapi Tini ingin membuatnya lebih kecil. How can it be wrong?


Your answer sbould be correct

You can always report this question if you feel like your answer should be correct

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