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  5. "Go back to sleep, kids!"

"Go back to sleep, kids!"

Translation:peQongqa' puqpu'!

April 4, 2019



So I guess the -oy suffix of endearment we've seen in vavoy and SoSoy isn't used with puq?


It can be, but in this sentence it isn't. It is not required on vav or SoS, but it turns them from "mother/mom" to "Mommy" and from "father/dad" to "daddy". I can't think of a good translation for puqoy. "Baby"? "Sonny"? "Sweetie"? "Dear children"? Maybe that's why an English speaker might be less likely to use it.


That's good. Or kiddos. My father used to say kiddos sometimes.


OK. Just asking, because when I saw 'kids' rather than 'children,' I tried to use puqoypu' (I think), but it was not accepted. That's probably because "kids" is not so much a term of endearment as it is semi-colloquial, or even just an abbreviated form of 'children'.

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