"Sa population est de plus de sept millions d'habitants."

Translation:Its population is more than seven million inhabitants.

April 10, 2013



Don't use 7,000,000 in your answer.

February 5, 2014


I used it and DL said it was a mistake :( I reported it.

June 12, 2014


They most likely want to teach us the correct spelling~

July 31, 2014


I cannot find anywhere in any French grammar book, or le Petit Robert, the use of de in front of plus de, it is just plus de sept millions

July 6, 2013


"Why do you need a 'de' before and after 'plus'?

April 10, 2013


It seems that in a sentence talking about things that can be defined numerically, such as weight, length, size (like population), etc., the phrase "is more than" translates to "de plus de". I don't know why, but that seems to be the way it is.

June 26, 2013


Yes, this is a very common construction for all measurements:

  • la longueur / la largeur la profondeur / la densité / le volume / la taille / la température est de + number and unit (3 mètres, 4 grammes par litre, 12 degrés, etc.)

Therefore, even if the measurement does not immediately follow "est de", the rule is the same, notably in comparisons:

  • la distance est de plus de deux kilomètres
  • la vitesse est de moins de 30 kilomètres par heure
December 23, 2014


Is it because plus is used as a noun here, we have to use de here to connect them?

January 21, 2014


In English it is redundant to say 'the population is more than 7 million people'. 'Population' already implies 'people'. Is it necessary to say 'd'habitants' in French?

May 18, 2014


I reported this. Got dinged because I said "Its population is more than seven million", and left out the completely redundant "inhabitants".

May 30, 2014


I'd disagree that "inhabitants" or "people" is redundant. Yes, it's implied, but there are times when population doesn't mean "people." It's definitely not wrong, at least.

July 27, 2014


Why can't you say "its population is of more than seven million inhabitants"? I mean, when you can say "it has a population of seven million inhabitants" (can't you?)

August 6, 2014


and why isn't it "plus que"?

May 6, 2013


I'm not positive, but I think plus que is used as "more than" in comparisons, but plus de is used for "more than" in amounts. So, "the population of the US is more than France" (plus que), but "the population of the US is more than 300 million" (plus de)

July 2, 2013


Some additional discussion of this ... http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/comparatives.htm ... anyone else feel like they are drowning in a sea of details? I do :)

January 14, 2014


The last comment in this thread is also very helpful: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=142872

January 16, 2014


This is comment # 12, in case someone else posts on that thread and it is no longer "the last comment". Nice find Dr.

January 16, 2014


thanks for clarifying that post number!

January 18, 2014


Bill-Roca: Yes, definitely. Drowning in details. But I guess that's why they say you need to speak the language, with native speakers, to really learn it. However, I am quite content for the moment to learn as much as I am here, which is a lot.

March 5, 2014


how does one tell the difference between ca population (that population) and sa population (her population)?

February 4, 2014


ça population doesn't exist.

February 5, 2014


Not a native speaker, but i don't think you'd ever say "ça population". You'd say "cette population".

Also, remember that "sa" agrees in gender with the word "population", not with the possessor, so it is not necessarily "her" population, but "his/her/its".

May 18, 2014


Habitants is the same as inhabitants.

May 28, 2014


Just so I get this straight:

Plus de cinq millions d'habitants vivents ici, mais de moins de deux millions de la population sont des enfants.

Anglais: "More than five million inhabitants live here, but less than two million of the are children."

^Would this be correct?

Also millions is always plural unless it's un million or no? Jw~

July 31, 2014


Supposed to be "seven millions (plural)" instead of "seven million". Isn't it ?

November 11, 2014


Plural of million can be both million or millions. Usually people use million. Here are some examples:

There are over 300 million people living in the US.

Entertainers make millions of dollars. For instance, Beyonce and Jay-Z made 95 million dollars between June 2012 and June 2013.

When the Sultan of Brunei invited Michael Jackson to perform 3 concerts on his 50th birthday, he paid him seventeen million dollars.

December 23, 2014
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