"I and my friend like mathematics."

Translation:Saya dan teman saya suka matematika.

April 5, 2019

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The English should be "My friend and I", not "I and my friend".


Colloquial English = "Me and my friend" in that specific order

Formal English = "My friend and I" in that specific order

"I and my friend" in that order are not correct in either colloquial or formal English.


I said "saya dan temanku" but it marked me as wrong....


I think that is because you cannot use the formal "saya" and informal "-ku" in the same sentence


Same here. Bad programming.


DUOLINGO: Please fix this.

This answer does not allow us to write proper English. In American English, It is totally against the rules to say “me and my friend.” “I and my friend” is barely closer to correct, but those who speak properly never put ourselves first. It's not rude. It's just really bad grammar.
Technically, I, HE & SHE are Subjective Nouns - used only as the subject of the sentence. I like math. He likes math. ME, HIM & HER are Objective Nouns - used in the objective case as the object of the subject. Me as direct object: He threw me. Me as Indirect Object He gave me the ball. Me as object of preposition He threw the ball to me. He threw the ball over me, around me, at me…

For learners of English - Here is one helpful clue. Do you say, "Me like math"? No. Then you don't say "Me and my friend like math."

Please fix this error. Thank you.


Gosh, the english-bahasa course has many grammatical errors in both languages.


Why is Aku not suitable in place of Saya?


because "Saya" is more formal than "Aku"


Duolingo moderators take no notice of these good suggestions. For a language app, they don't seem bothered about excellent contributions to improve. It is rather a waste of time to report poor grammar to them.

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