Duolingo new version is very slow and it is so hard to click on the answers

Since yesterday, it has been very hard and not pleasant experience to study on duolingo as the new online version used by my laptop is very heavy and it has been running incredibly slow. Even the click on each answer is hard sometimes the system does not get it at all and it is too late when i realized it. Is it possible to have access to the old version again perhaps please ?

April 5, 2019


I haven’t had any problems with clicking on answers, but I too noticed that the new version seems to be very CPU-intensive when loading pages. Lots of JavaScript probably? When I’m in a lesson it’s alright, but in the forums or on the main pages for languages, it can be fairly sluggish and sometimes takes 100% of a processor core for a while (intel Core i7-5600U on my laptop). Scrolling is particularly slow

April 10, 2019

I find it very slow, too, particularly after a few lessons and lots of typing - lags behind key presses. A solution seems to be to refresh the page once the lagging starts. This seems to fix it for another few lessons, but it is most frustrating. I have been using Duolingo on my PC for a few years and come back to it each time they have an upgrade after completing the tree. This version is the slowest yet.

June 13, 2019

Some days it seems OK but on others it is impossible to go ahead. I keep deleting history on my pc but am worried that if I refresh the page I will lose everything I've done. The lessons are more than long enough without all this. Disappointed now.

June 30, 2019
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