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  5. "This land is cheap."

"This land is cheap."

Translation:यह ज़मीन सस्ती है।

April 5, 2019



Cheap in english means cost effective as well as low quality based on the context, is Sastha same in hindi or it means either of them.

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It only means 'inexpensive', not 'low quality'.


Whoa! So ज़मीन can mean "floor, like of a house" but also "land, on which one might build a house"? Sure would be nice if that had been set up in advance.


I hovered over 'land' for the hints as I hadn't come across it before, and one of the translations offered was भूमि, but it's not accepted as an answer. Thought I'd try it or maybe it was more appropriate as I'd previously come across ज़मीन as 'floor'.

Should it have been accepted? Or is it different in meaning? (If so maybe they shouldn't both be together as translations offered for 'land' on hover.)

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भूमि should definitely have been accepted for this sentence. You can report if you see again.

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