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  5. "raSDaq lulan."

"raSDaq lulan."

Translation:They put it on the table.

April 5, 2019



Why is "they placed it on the table" considered a wrong answer and only "they put it on the table given as a correct answer?


That is an accepted answer and should have been marked correct. If it was marked wrong, then there was either some other error or it was a software glitch. Did you take a screen shot? Did you report it as, "my answer should have been accepted"? Without one of those, I cannot tell what error you may have made and I don't have any evidence to show the programmers if I can't find an error.

If it was marked correct and you were show the "put" version as an alternative, that is just because we have to pick one as "best" and it'll show you that version even if the version you typed is also correct.


Thank you for the answer. I do have a screenshot. How do I post it/send it in? I didn't know about the report function. Is it the flag symbol?


I seeeee what happened. I swear I liked at it a few times and didn't notice. False alarm, I'm sorry to bother you! I didn't notice that I made a typo and omitted the "y" in the word "they" making it another word: "the". Of course when revising the sentence, my brain still read "The" as "They" (as it was intended to be written) and only saw the correction of "place" to "put" which is, as you said, only because only one correct form is randomly chosen for the correct answer example. I'm so sorry for my absent-mind ess!


Correction: *I swear I read it a few times and didn't notice


I do have a screenshot. How do I post it/send it in?

You will have to upload it to a website somewhere (try searching for "image sharing website" if you don't have a website of your own), then paste the URL into a comment on a sentence discussion page.

(If you have a Dropbox, putting it there and getting a public URL can also work.)

I didn't know about the report function. Is it the flag symbol?



Audio sounds like it's saying "lulad" :-/


I think the touchpad tap to end the recording merged with the n to make it sound as if a tongue tap closed the consonant. vIqonqa'ta'.


I normally have my touch to tap off and have to use the actual button on my laptop. But the button clicks loudly on the recordings, So I turn touch to tap back on and I can just give a silent gentle brush to the pad which usually can't be heard on the recording.


Sometimes I can barely touch the pad and it turns off, and sometimes it's so difficult to turn off that I have to rerecord due to all the blank space and finger shuffling at the end of the clip. I usually record first thing in the morning before anyone else wakes up to make noise, so sometimes I have to re-record because my unbreakfasted intestines gurgle onto the recording.

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