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Indonesian Question in Basic 2, Level 1

[deactivated user]

    I got a question like "Kami besar dan kaya." which means We are big and rich in English. This makes no sense. Please fix this duolingo because, like, that's weird.

    April 5, 2019



    I love those weird sentences. They help me to remember more easily than the normal ones. In another language, I was able to remember the word "crab" from the sentence "The crab drinks milk". Without that sentence, I probably wouldn't have remembered that word. I was able to understand grammar much more easily from the sentence "the spider is behind the cheese" than from a normal sentence like "The cheese is behind the bread". It's true that many sentences are not ones that I would ever use for communicating but I find them very useful for my learning.

    [deactivated user]

      True! Here's a lingot! :D

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