Only tomorrow, Sunday, April 7th - FREE access to HCC!* (HebrewCrashCourse)

Shalom, Hebrew-learners! Important announcement - tomorrow, Sunday, April 7th, for 24 hours only, all the lessons and all the resources on our Hebrew Crash Course site will unlocked and password-FREE! From 12AM till 12AM (Israel time, here is the timer

Save the link, save the day!

*What is HCC? It’s an online all-inclusive foundation course of Hebrew, good both for learning the basics (such as alphabet!) and for brushing up your knowledge of Hebrew.

April 6, 2019


@Joan (Giovanna-Louise) - I don't see your comment now, but I was notified by Gmail and read it! Thank you for the question, now I see that I should have explained it better! This course - it's a site, and the site is normally not free - when you purchase it you get the password that opens all the lessons. But I thought that I could remove the password for some time, for learners' benefit - yes, you won't be able to complete the whole course, but a you'll have enough time to look around, watch a few videos, do a few exercises, and if you have a specific question - you can find the answer!
Hope that it helps and that now the "rules of the game" are clear, Thank you for asking, Alisa

April 6, 2019

‎ שלום שלום ותודה רבה, אליסה! זה היה מאוד מצידך! השיעורים נעשים היטב . ואל

For Duolingo users looking for lessons that will take you from the very beginning (aleph-bet) to covering all the verb groups, Alisa’s Hebrew Crash Course does that. As a bonus, her videos show cursive writing, and her reading and listening exercises are well paced to train your ear to understand Hebrew. She offers extra material, including music videos in Hebrew. I recommend the course. Well done, Alisa! 

April 7, 2019

Oh, dear Valorie, thank you so much!!! You made my day! עשית לי את היום! That's a precious feedback, would you let me quote it on the landing page of the HCC site? :)

April 8, 2019

כן, אליסה, את יכולה להשתמש בו בדף הבית של האתר שלך :-)

April 8, 2019

Dear Hebrew-learners, the marathon is over now! It was great, seeing how many of you are interested in exploring the course! I think there is a need in another marathon in the future, don't you think? ;) I think I will do it again! If you you want to be notified about the text time it will take place - please, sign up here! Looking forward to hearing from you all, Alisa

April 8, 2019

I wonder if you would post with a little more notice next time? I don't get on here everyday.

April 12, 2019

Oh, Corinnebelle, I am sorry that you missed it! If you are on the "want to know when the next marathon starts" list I'll definitely let you know in advance next time! Happy Hebrew-learning, Alisa

April 13, 2019

תודה,Alisa I put my name down, tho I don't get online everyday.

April 14, 2019

בשמחה! :) I see, yes, sure - just to be clear - I'll send you an email if you are on this list :)( ) So you won't need to monitor the forum, at least ;) Not getting online every day is a blessing, it's wonderful when there is no need to! :)

April 14, 2019
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