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Switching between languages

This isn't a serious issue, or even much of an issue at all for that matter, but I think it is still worth inquiring about.

I natively speak English, and started using Duolingo to learn French from English. After some time, I decided to start learning German from English also. I can switch between learning either language (within the program) easily and without a hitch. My progress in both languages also appears on my profile side-by-side (level 9 in French, and level 1 in German, for example).

However, I also decided today to try 'learning English from French', in hopes of improving my French. This works well, but to switch between 'English from French' and either 'French from English' or 'German from English', and vice-versa, requires a few extra steps. I have to select the 'add a new course' option, change which language I speak from French to English or English to French, and then select the language I want to progress on. I also cannot see my 'progress in English' alongside my progress in either French or German on my profile, or in any other location.

So, I was wondering if it could be made easier to switch between 'learning from' languages, or even just to provide shortcuts to all 3 languages in the same place at the same time. My lingots, streak, and experience points all carry over from one to the other, but I just wanted to ask if someone might be interested in taking a look at this [very] minor problem.

Thank you all for your time and dedication to this project and continuing language education. You're awesome!

I can provide any additional explanation or screenshots as necessary. Feel free to ask for either.

May 28, 2014



Actually, I've found a solution that I hadn't noticed before. I can click on the flag icon near the "[Language] Progress" Section, and then select from the drop-down list the language I wish to learn and from which language I wish to learn it. This isn't necessary when switching between learning different languages from the same 'native' tongue, but it does help a lot when switching between learning languages from a different 'native' tongue.

Help is no longer required, though I would appreciate any suggestions on how to make the task easier.

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