"Go down."

Translation:E iho i lalo.

April 6, 2019

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I recently got criticized for translating "iho" as "go" instead of "head (down to the second floor)," so I was careful to use "hele" this time. Cain't win!


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Thanks, but Iʻm such a beginner, Iʻm not sure: is "e hele i lalo" correct?


I was going to try it too! But I don't have many "hearts" on my phone so can't risk a lost heart on a test ;) ....


Why is E iho "ma" lalo incorrect?


Most likely because you're "going" down. While i can be used for both being located in a place or motion towards a place, ma can only be used for being located in a place and never for motion towards a place. I don't know if there may be other reasons, but since this sentence is about "going" down, that is enough to disqualify the ma preposition.


E hele i lalo is wrong. Why do we need to use iho?


If " e iho" already mean go down/head down why add "i lalo" if the given sample is "Go down." ?

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