"Our food is regional."

Translation:Unser Essen ist regional.

April 10, 2013

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how come it isn't "unseres Essen"?


You can use "unseres" for "of our" and "...is ours": "Der Geschmack unseres Essens" = "The taste of our food", and "Das Essen ist unseres." = "The food is ours." When simply talking about "our", "unser" is used for both masculine and neuter ("unsere" for feminine).


if I understand it correctly, "unser" behaves like "ein"/"kein", therefore neuter in the nominative case is indeed "unser". but where does the "es" come from in your other examples? in "Das Essen ist unseres": why not just "unser" (as in "Das Essen ist gut" and not "gutes")?


So the beginning of the sentence has to be " Unser" instead of unseres for Neutral words?


Küche won't be valid? I understand the difference, but...

[deactivated user]

    Did you try "Küche" and it was rejected?

    Küche would be fine too:

    My order of preference is:

    1 Lebensmittel, 2 Nahrungsmittel, 3 Kueche (refers to using regional ingredients) 4 Cusine, 5 Essen

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