"What is the mode of transport that you like most?"

Translation:Apakah alat transportasi yang paling kamu suka?

April 6, 2019



Please explain why this "Apakah alat transportasi yang kamu paling suka?" is not an acceptable answer?

April 6, 2019


This 'yang' clause is a passive structure (passive type 2).
In such a structure, the agent/actor ('kamu') and the verb ('suka') cannot be separated.

Here is more info about the passive type 1 & 2 :

April 7, 2019


Thank you for the explanation.

A follow up question if I may. Sticking with the same question and if I were to answer the question, which of the following answers is correct/acceptable?

1) “Saya paling suka sepeda motor” (the agent/actor and the verb are separated)

2) “Paling saya suka sepeda motor” (the agent/actor and verb are not separated)

3) “Yang paling saya suka sepeda motor” (the agent/actor and verb are not separated).

April 10, 2019


I would answer with sentence (1).
Sentences (2) and (3) use the word order of a passive type2 sentence, but there is need to use that here.
Sentence (3) is a 'yang' clause (passive type2), and it can be used like that if there is another phrase preceding this 'yang' clause.

April 11, 2019
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