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"They are a couple of husband and wife."

Translation:Mereka adalah pasangan suami dan istri.

April 7, 2019



This English sentence sounds odd for me... Does it sounds odd too for a native English speaker ?


Sounds odd to me too. You simply say that they are a couple or they are a husband and wife. Couple of husband and wife is just repetitious


In American english one would say, "They are a married couple."


Yes. In America we would either say "They are a couple" or "They are husband and wife " never together


Funny! Instead of taking the repetition out of the English sentence, they took it out from the indonesian, leaving "Mereka adalah suami dan istri" as multiple choice sentence for "They are a couple of husband and wife"! facepalm


As a non-native I would suggest to leave out the second half to replace it with "Andi dan Tini adalah pasangan", or, as we're in the 21st century, "Andi dan Dimas" could also be an option.


"they are a couple of husband and wife" is not a well structured english sentence.

[deactivated user]

    They are husband and wife


    We could improve the translation, i think, by saying: "They are a couple, husband and wife." or "They are a couple: a husband and wife." The confusion, i believe, is from the ambiguity of "couple" in English. So, the English gloss for the Bahasa statement should not have included "couple of" since that combination is used most commonly with the non-matrimonial meaning.


    The English given here as correct is rubbish! It is a transliteration, not a translation. There is a difference! One correct and sensible fluent translation is "They are husband and wife." or even "they are married"


    That's a strange english sentence. Also, 'couple' should be 'sepasang' shouldn't it?


    This is not good english


    "a husband and wife couple" sounds clunky, but in 2021 and beyond, we'll hear it more often (as compared to a husband-husband couple, a wife-wife couple, etc)

    Though the English accuracy isn't as important as the Indonesian structure. You cannot translate word for word and expect to sound anything like a native speaker. Just internalize the structure and move along...

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