"When I am sick, I only eat certain foods."

Translation:Ketika sakit, saya hanya makan makanan tertentu.

April 7, 2019

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Should be: While sick, I only eat certain food.


"ketika saya sakit, saya hanya makan tertentu makanan" is wrong somehow (perfectly correct according to google translate and my indonesian friend). please explain


Because in general in BI, adjectives follow the nouns that they qualify, so it should be 'makanan tertentu'.


Why not saya between ketika and sakit


Well, I'm sure it's perfectly OK to say 'Ketika saya sakit, saya ...' (and if it's not being accepted you should report it) ... in fact I think that the use of ellipsis to leave out, but imply, the first 'saya' is unusual in formal Indonesian, but probably happens quite often in the casual everyday spoken version of the language.

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