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Duplication of word forms in the Vocabulary (German lang)

I am studding German and I have noticed that almost every word has double entry for each of it's form on word's page from Vocabulary. Also each entry has separated strength counter and this is confusing.

It looks like a bug... or maybe you could explain this behavior?

For example on page of Blume (flower) i see 2 same forms: Blumen + Blumen

Here is page of Blume http://duolingo.com/#/word/de/blume/Noun

Blume (noun) Strength Times seen 7 Part of speech noun Forms seen 2

Blumen (f)

<pre>Example sentence Translation </pre>

flowers Er mag Blumen. He likes flowers. Sie mag Blumen. She likes flowers. Ich mag Blumen. I like flowers.

Blumen (f)

<pre>Example sentence Translation </pre>

flowers Blumen! Flowers! Blumen? Flowers? Die Blumen? The flowers?

April 10, 2013



In my vocabulary it appears three times, one time for each case (nominativ, accusative and dative).


Now It makes some sense... Thanks!

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